The Perfect Gifts To Give Every Woman On Your Holiday List

HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We've pretty much got this whole Gift Giving thing wrapped up for you this season at HSFT, and yes, it is that season. You know how it goes, holiday decorations are donning store shelves and you're thinking, I haven't even packed up my summer clothes yet! HSFT is making "what to give" and "who to give it to" a breeze. We've got goodies for everyone on your list with our new Have Some Fun Today gift line and our fabulous tees and hoodies.

The Fashion Maven 

HSFT  has so much to choose from for a fashion forward woman but we think a serious style guru is going to crush on our luxe slouchy tee, perfect for pairing with high impact texture pieces that are surely already in her wardrobe. And then there are two styles of our limited edition hoodies, perfect the layering with blazers, pencil skirts and even dresses, like we saw all over this season's runway. Of course, she's always got accessories on fleek with every outfit, so she'll swoon over the HSFT luxe clutch. It's the perfect complement to her already perfect ensemble, with black lambskin lettering, brass grommet detailing and raw leather handle. Très Chic, just like her.

The Home Body

We know the type. They'll take a hot bath, a cushy pillow and luxury slippers, over a night out on the town. They're all about the creature comforts of their space and home is definitely where their heart is. Setting the mood in their home is everything, so our new HSFT Glass Votive 3-Candle boxed set is a no-brainer. You'll usually find her getting cozy with a pillow and a good book, so she'll love our long luxe message pillow and our 18'' square HSFT pillow. They love to HSFT, just as long as it's from the comfort of their home.  

The Princess

The world has always been her oyster so why wouldn't she wear a crown? Our rose gold crown earrings and our delicate rose gold crown necklace are what every princess, big or small, needs in her collection. And while you're at it, our crown accessory pouches can house all her accessories and other princess gear. She is undoubtedly flying First Class to another fabulous adventure, so make sure you stuff her stocking with the crown leather luggage tag, it will make it easier to spot the bag with her tiara.

The Executive

She's got a schedule to keep and glass ceilings to break. She's all business but knows the art of HSFT, so office-friendly and practical is the only way to her heart. You can almost see her in a smart and chic black pencil skirt, ivory silk blouse, and the HSFT coffee mug in hand while she preps for her next meeting, sipping green tea, (no coffee, she's all about the antioxidants). Sure, she'd love the crown leather luggage tag for her durable black travel bag when she's on the corporate jet. But she's all about the details, so don't forget to gift her the Signature Crown Stationary Set. She values the statement of a handwritten note and she'll send you one to thank you for the smart gift and invite you to cocktails to talk about her next corporate takeover. 

The Athlete 

Her idea of a good time is breaking a sweat so she's usually at the gym or running a "half" just for fun. She carries a gym bag not a handbag and she's pretty stoked about the "Athleisure" trend happening in women's clothing because that's pretty much her whole closet. The Have Some Fun Today muscle tank will easily become her favorite workout tee. The HSFT water bottle is the perfect complement to her gym bag because she's all about staying hydrated, especially when she's on the go, which is pretty much always. And since her hairstyle of choice is a ponytail or headband, she loves a good hat when she runs to the smoothie bar after the barre class. The white HSFT snap back hat is all she needs for "gym hair, don't care". 


Written and contributed by Rebecca J Doubek who hasn't started her holiday shopping yet.
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