Feeling Better Than Yesterday - Goals of HSFT

New year, new president, and new outlook on life in 2021. 

Resilience, grace and gratitude are three ways to start this new energy.

Last month I shared what helped me feel nurtured on the outside and this month and in the coming months I will continue to share the things, the practices, the products and the people that help me always be moving toward my most authentic and healthy self so that I and the people around me can Have Some Fun everyday:)

For many years I have known that we as humans should look at all aspects of our lives as being fully integrated in order to get the most out of life. So that means our work, our passions, our hobbies, our relationships, our physical presence and our internal state are all part of who we are as uniquely different and special people.

Recently in a conversation with one of my best friends, as we chatted about the concept of self "work", the word work can often misrepresent what that really is. When I say I am doing the work, I'm really saying I am loving myself and nurturing my relationship with myself. That is really the truth of the matter and when you are committed to discovering your authentic self and realizing your true potential, doing "the work" is a fun and healthy addiction.

One of the major components of this self work is taking a better look at your health. I for one have long been a proponent of a healthy lifestyle with what I eat and drink and this includes the supplements I take. 

Luckily for me I have a sister who is a nutritionist and she has been amazing in sharing her expertise and getting to know other health and wellness practicioners that take longevity of our bodies very seriously. 

A healthy happy life needs a healthy body. Some of the main supplements I am taking now as a 50+ woman are natural Bio-Identicle Hormones, whole body collagen powder from Rado Nutrition, NMN which is an antiaging supplement that increases NAD, Vitamin D, Zinc, Hyluronic Acid, Tesamorelin, and a cortisol supplement at night. (All the above supplements are available through Rado Nutrition and VitalifeMD.)

Along with my daily health regimen I have recently become mildly obsessed with sleep. For years I just complained about it, blaming my bad sleep patterns on my malfunctioning hips. But even though it improved after my pain was gone through hip surgery, I had adopted some bad habits that also interfered with my sleep like watching TV in bed into late hours at night. 

It was only after watching a MasterClass with Matthew Walker on sleep, that I set out to change my nightly routine to get a better quality sleep that will help me thrive in every area of my wellness. I strongly recommend checking that class  out; it will rock your world!

Once you make a plan and get a routine going, it is so much easier to feel good and feel ready for some fun. With new energy heading our way, maybe it's time to look at your current routine both inside and outside your body and make some tweaks?

Take a deep breathe, I feel better energy is on the way - what has happenned in your life came to show you something. Even reading these words is happening because there is something here for you. That is what the Have Some Fun Today community is all about after all.

 Choose your vibe, choose your path and enjoy the journey.....

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  Love & Light,


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