Affirmation Art & Having Some Fun Today

Hey guys, did you know I'm an artist as well as a designer? Well it's true and as much as bringing this brand together has been an exciting endeavor for me after leaving NYC 35 years ago; bringing my art into Have Some Fun Today has been an even more fantastic challenge.

While we were in covid lockdowns during most of 2020, I found the time to start painting again! After a 7 year-long hiatus from being consumed with creating a brand from my father's favorite mantra, I was able to release my emotions on the canvas again. 

It was the first time in a long time that I held a paint brush and it felt good!

So good in fact that I was inspired during that time to paint what I call Affirmation Art. Starting small with some watercolor pieces that shared those four words in a whimsical way in my own handwriting. That led to some larger scale works on all kinds of painting surfaces from cardboard boxes to 7 ft tall canvases.    

Then I had the vision to take it a step further and put the Affirmation Art on a Limited Edition Art Collection of unisex hoodies, sweatshirts, tee shirts & tote bags.

This groundbreaking collection has become one of our best selling collections to date, not only because of the unique design and high quality of the pieces, but mainly because of the cool way we are expressing the message in my graffiti style abstract art that resonates with our customers all over the world.
 We created this to be a Limited Edition Collection and only made a limited quantity never to be duplicated again, so if you've been eyeing up the hoodie as seen by millions of people on A-list actress Mila Kunis, your time to get one is limited...:) 
Once the Collection sells out it will be gone.
The next Affirmation Art Collection is still underwraps and will be announced in the coming months. The concept is to drop a new Art Collection every year that will never be reproduced again.
So stay tuned for what's coming and don't wait to get your own piece of our first Affirmation Art Collection S1 while you still can! 
If there are any real art lovers who would like to learn more about me as a fine artist I am happy to share my art website here as my work as an artist is equally as important to me living my own life with passion & joy as is being the founder & creative director of Have Some Fun Today.
Wishing you warm thoughts with much love & joy!
Love & Light,
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