March Inspiration - The Top 10

1. Learn some smart and simple tactics to help us “win at life”.

2. Listen to your inner voice and slow down to enjoy life - I liked supermodel Elle McPherson's tips.

3. What feels good and works from a fashion perspective! I find myself wearing The HSFT Zip Hoodie a couple times a week.

4. Shake off the winter blues - get outside to soak up the first warm rays of springs every chance you find!

5. Eat healthy, even when life is busy. Here's some make-ahead inspiration from

6. Recharge with friends. Mix in some social time, it's good for the soul.

7. Treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet! It reminds me that spring is around the corner.

8. Make a veggie and fruit smoothie for breakfast to start your day off right.

9. Pick up a new trench for spring - loving J. Crew's trench this season.

10. I must admit that one thing that makes me feel like a woman is lingerie and in the middle of real life, a little self indulgence never hurts. ;)

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