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Want To Have Some FUN Everyday? How Living With Intention Brings Joy And Wellness


The Long Way Home

I'm just getting home from a trade show in Atlanta where I spent long days on my feet, less than healthy meals on-the-go, drinking more than usual, not sticking to my exercise routine, etc. Basically, the intensity of the work, the demand of my brand and business, overtook my everyday routine. And now I'm feeling the effects and stress in my body.

We've all been there. Life and logistics take over and suddenly you're out of your routine. What I know about myself is that I'm a creature of habit. I crave the structure and the routine of practices that make me feel good. Food, sleep, exercise and meditative practice is what makes me thrive, gives me creativity and makes me happy. When I step away from those things because of circumstances or situations, I feel it in body, mind and soul.

Pick Yourself Up and Dust Yourself Off

I intentionally choose to follow these practices and routines because they feel good. Intention. That is the key word. These are choices I make every day with purpose. It's in an investment. It's living with intention. 

Yes, I could throw up my hands and say "Oh well, you're too far gone to reel it back in" and just let that mentality, mixed with guilt and judgement, be the reason I just let it all go. Or I can use that lost week as a motivation to get me back on track and intentionally choose to return to practices for my health and for my wellness. I can choose to get back in the game. 

Well Hello There

One lost week is not the beginning of the end. It's a journey to reminding me why I do the things I do and why I know I need those things in my life. It's a validation that I am on the right track and just need to find my way back there. A return to intention. 

If I listen to my body, to the frantic pace of my racing mind after such a busy week, and the restlessness of my soul, I can hear it's longing to return that place. I just don't feel good without those practices. Living well means to purposefully choose wellness. Living well means honoring myself enough to live with intention. The intent is to be my best and live the best life I can. 

Living A Good Life 

As I spoke to buyers from all over the world in Atlanta, it struck me that intention is exactly what Have Some Fun Today is all about. Living with intention; the intent of living a fun and joyful life. It is a choice. And you have to make that choice and have that intention everyday. When I carry my HSFT tote bag or wear my HSFT cashmere beanie hat with that mantra right across the front, it's a message to the world that Having Some Fun Today IS my intention. Joy, happiness, a good life. 

What is your intention for your life? How do you want to feel? I believe when you choose the HSFT philosophy, YOU are living with intention. 


Peace, Love, & FUN,


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