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The Power of Individuality And How It Can Set You Free


The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. -Coco Chanel 

Who are You?

One of the things I have always held as an unbendable truth is individuality. Being who you are, rather than what everyone thinks you are, takes courage. It can be so hard sometimes to keep your own vision and see your own unique path, especially when it's different from everyone else.

This is what I love about fashion, design and art. Having a unique vision and an individual perspective can be risky but it can also set you apart from what everyone else is doing. Can we stay true to who we are and our vision and still have success?

The Beauty of Individuality

Yes, yes, yes! I believe it’s the only way to have real success and happiness. Our authentic self is the way we can truly express our creativity and our perspective. Don’t settle for anything less than being you. At times in my life, it has almost broken me to maintain my individuality. But I believed in my vision because I believed it was right, even when it wasn’t the mainstream.

There’s so much distraction and comparison and it's tempting to sometimes take the path of least resistance, because it’s easier and because we fit in when we take the “path most travelled”. It takes a strong and confident person to walk in their individuality. But I think that’s when the magic happens.

When I read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, it reinforced my belief in individuality as a worthwhile life goal to achieve excellence and breakthroughs in this world. “If we all followed all the same rules, life would be boring, there would be no break thoughts or discoveries or cures.” When we step out of the box, real life begins.


Having Some Fun And Being You

April is my birthday month and I always take time to reflect on lessons of the past year. Lessons I’m still processing and pondering, direction for the future, for myself, and for Have Some Fun Today. I’m evolving and growing every day and every year, and becoming truer to who I am. I’m listening more to my inner voice and true self and less to the noise.

And that’s the full circle moment of Have Some Fun Today. In its simplest form, it is just appreciating the here and now and carrying a reminder or wearing one that tells you to Have Some Fun Today.

Be your own YOU! Have the ice cream, take the incredible vacation, follow the pull of your heart. It’s easy to shut those things down or talk yourself out of it when it’s not what we “should” do or what others want us to do.

I believe in listening to your inner voice and following the vision. That’s the HSFT. Life is too short to worry about fitting in or being mainstream. And sometimes, it should just be about the ice cream.





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