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The Birth of Fabulous: The Making of Our Bestselling HSFT Accessory, the Luxe Tote


HAVE SOME FUN TODAY -Wanna turn a pretty good look to fabulous? It's all about the accessories, baby.

Dress It Up

We all know that a good collection of accessories finishes a look like icing on a cake. And Have Some Fun Today has some delicious accessories from our arm candy boho bracelet to the fabulous HSFT wristlet and luxe tote. What's even more FUN? We're having a weekend Accessories 30% off SALE starting today! (Starts 8/17 expires midnight on 8/21).

In honor of our Accessories SALE, we're telling the story of how our bestselling and flawless chic HSFT Luxe Tote was born from an idea and a tenacious spirit of creativity.

The Goods

Let's recap. It's got raw leather handles, (like the ones you'll find on the high-end fashionista bag from Paris), brass grommets and hardware, and black vegan leather lettering, stitched onto the thickest textured canvas. It's roomy, it's versatile, and it's a showstopper, whether you're lounging at the pool or carrying it to the office. 


The Humble Beginnings Of Something Fabulous

The Luxe Tote is an iconic piece for Have Some Fun Today. One of the first pieces designed by founder and CEO Stephanie Taormina three years ago, the tote solidified the feel of her  then fledgling brand.  A graduate of Parsons School of Design, Stephanie tells the story of returning to New York City and to Parsons, to begin creating Have Some Fun Today. And how the luxe tote was born...  "My first step was to go back to 7th Avenue. There’s a cool kiosk there, right across the street from where Parsons used to be. In that building you can get all kinds of information, if you want to do anything having to do with apparel," Stephanie explains.      (Right: Brooke Shields was spotted with our HSFT luxe tote on her shoulder back in April while on vacation...)

 A Tote Bag Is Born

"So I went there, and kind of sifted through pages and pages of information that I got. And I found a great handbag manufacturer and they helped me develop the first Luxe Tote, which was amazing," she says. "I found a cut-and-sew shop to help me do the pattern and make the first small round of production."

Still Having Some Fun  

And the line keeps growing and getting more fabulous. "It still is very simplistic and very elegant and very bold. We're really focusing on sharing this message on a t-shirt, or a sweatshirt, a coffee mug or a tote bag," Stephanie says. 

"We really want to appeal to a mindset, a mindset of someone who believes in the openness of life, not the drudgery of everyday life... This isn’t an about an’s someone who wants to have a good life, and they are open to inspiration. And that’s what have some fun today is all about..." #hsft

Shop the Accessories SALE all weekend, until midnight, Monday, Aug 21st!




Written by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek...

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