• How A T-Shirt Can Make Your Day

    It may just look like a t-shirt, but at HSFT it's also a state of mind. HAVE SOME FUN TODAY is emblazoned on all of our fabulous shirts and accessories and it's the guiding force behind everything we do at HSFT. So how can a t-shirt make your day? 

    See The Light  

    Life can be pretty intense. Sometimes we need a reminder to lighten up. And yeah, there are always gonna be good days and bad days, this we know. But finding a little ray of light or some FUN, even in the darkest of days, is what brings hope. Hope is good. Life is short. HAVE SOME FUN TODAY!


    Your Daily Affirmation

    Pay the water bill, pick up the dry cleaning, HAVE SOME FUN TODAY.  Go to work, go to school, HAVE SOME FUN TODAY. Like it's your job. Think of it as the string around your index finger or the reminder alert on your phone. Your daily pep talk.  Studies show making a visual and concrete connection to positive affirmations can be hugely impactful on our stress levels and improve the way we see ourselves in the world. Try this: Pull on your HSFT original tee or the HSFT slouchy tee and stand in the mirror. See what it says? HAVE SOME FUN TODAY. Do that. Rinse. Repeat. You're welcome.


    You Say You Want a Revolution 

    It's a philosophy, an ideology. HSFT started a brand with mindset and challenges us to see the bigger picture. What could you do if you broke free of what you were supposed to do? What would it mean to live boldly and without fear? You never know what you're going to find around the corner, who your going to meet, or what unexpected gift the universe is going to bring. Our brand is so much more than just amazing t-shirts (and other luxe goods and accessories!)  but when you embrace the mindset,  you shift your thinking. You begin to open up a pathway to seeing the world a different way. We think that's pretty damn good for a t-shirt.

    This blog was written and contributed by HSFT writer and believer Rebecca Doubek


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  • No surprise here, but at HSFT we’re kind of obsessed with luxe graphic tees. Graphic tees have become a wardrobe staple in recent years. Their versatility and easy style make them accessible at any age and for any wardrobe. No longer just a trend for skaters or college kids, wearing luxe tees is the perfect combination of cool and chic. 

    Stephanie Rado Taormina

    What to wear?

    Pairing a graphic luxe tee with a classic tuxedo jacket makes an instant statement, whether with jeans and wedges or a flounce skirt and stilettos. Our HSFT founder Steph rocks the look with everything from a white blazer and black pants to vintage Levi cutoffs and Adidas Allstars, her current go-to.

    The graphic luxe tee is an unexpected layer. It’s a nod to the unconventional and that’s why it’s chic. It’s also an easy trend to pull off, working with other staples in your closet.

    Whatcha say, whatcha say...

    With clever or quirky phrases, (we highly recommend HAVE SOME FUN TODAY), or your favorite fashion couture brand, you can personalize a look with whatever you choose. Our HSFT luxe tees are made with a dreamy cotton that is so soft and easy to wear. And the styling possibilities are endless. Add a denim or a leather jacket, throw on a great belt. Tuck it, knot it, accessorize it, structure it.

    Have Some Fun Today Luxe Tee

    Dress it up!

    You can rock this look for a cocktail party or the office. Picture a sequin pencil skirt, pale gray slouchy graphic tee, and fuchsia stilettos. Add a great clutch and you're out the door for drinks. A floral midi-skirt, fitted cardigan, statement necklace and stack heels give you a work-ready look. How about a flounce tulle mini and sneakers or with a classic blazer and dressy shorts? There are so many chic options for our HSFT graphic luxe tee.

    We Always Love a Classic

    The go-to "Classic" luxe tee look in the modern women's wardrobe has long been blazer/luxe tee/jeans, paired with heels and a fabulous bag. Switch out the heels for a strappy sandal or crisp white slip-on sneaks and you’ve got the perfect airport-ready travel uniform.

    A personal fav, - the HSFT black tee with white skinny jeans rolled, long gold necklace, and Toms Majorca open-toe bootie. We all rock our HSFT looks differently. How do you wear your HSFT? Like us and tag a friend with HSFT style cause we're giving away our luxe HSFT tank this month to one lucky follower! HAVE SOME FUN TODAY.

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek

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  • HAVE SOME FUN TODAY  is a way of life, a state of mind and a philosophy that we embody here at HSFT. Four simple words that govern the way we do things and see the world around us. 

    Sure, we love our graphic tees, hoodies, hats and totes! And we are sooooooo giddy about our new gift line due out later this year, but really, HFST is so much more. 

    Stop and Smell the Roses

    Too often we are guided by what we HAVE to do. We allow ourselves to get caught up in the monotony of life instead of seeing the color, the beauty, and the FUN that is all around us. HAVE SOME FUN TODAY is living boldly and loudly and looking at life with a little more curiosity and charm. 

    It’s tapping into that magical place that allows us to think outside the box. It’s saying “Why not?” to life instead of “Why?” and it’s living in the moment, right where we are. There’s no do-over or second chance. This we know for sure. You get this one life and we believe you ought to live it. 

    A Woman and a Vision

    Two years ago, our founder Steph Rado Taormina, began HSFT with those very principles. The death of her beloved father and four simple words that he shared with everyone, “Have Some Fun Today”, inspired her to combine her creativity and his mantra and create the company HFST.

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY. That’s exactly what we intend to do. Live, Love, Wear, Share.

    How do you HSFT?

    What about YOU? How do you plan to HAVE SOME FUN TODAY? Share us your thoughts, your pics in your  gear, and tag us in your posts. We’ll randomly select a winner each month for some super chic HSFT swag!

    Written and contributed by HSFT team member Rebecca Doubek who wants to make sure you HAVE SOME FUN TODAY.

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