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  • In the dawn of the new year, I'm all about finding my highest self and being open to all that the universe has to offer. I'm also all about a great moisturizer and a fabulous mascara! 

    I love beauty products. I'm a spirit junkie channeling my inner beauty junkie. I might be soul searching and spirit hiking to enlightenment but I also may be doing it in Sephora. 

    The Zen And The Beauty

    The dichotomy of these two passions is not lost on me, but I make no apologizes about seeking beauty on the inside and out. As a little girl, I grew up with my mother running a hair salon out of our house. From a young age, I was surrounded by glossy beauty magazines and reading about makeup and beauty products. It really sparked a fascination in me and was probably even an impetus for my later painting career. Color, texture, design, it's all a huge part of who I am today. 

    So along with seeking my best self through meditative and reflective practices and being open to the universe, I'm also stoked about some new beauty products this new year that give me that "look as good as I feel" glow. 

    These are my new favorites for 2018 that I think will you give you that Zen/Bliss glow, too!

    1) Face Roller

    This little beauty was a gift and I'm loving it to help improve skin texture. It uses a process called microneedling as the roller has a bunch of tiny spikes on the end. While it sounds painful, it really doesn't hurt, but the point is to increase collagen production. I use the face roller a couple of times a week. After you roll on your face, apply your favorite skin serums for maximum absorption. 

    2) Micro Peel Wipe

    I use these Powerglow Peel wipes a couple of times a week to keep my skin looking fresh and youthful and to exfoliate the top layer for a healthy glow. With glycolic and salicylic acid, it's a skin clarifier. It's like getting a mini facial. 

    3) Vitamin C Serum 

    Vitamin C serum is the hot trend in skincare right now and for good reason. It stimulates new collagen, reduces lines and wrinkles and protects skin from harsh elements. I apply religiously every morning to fight wrinkles and detoxify my skin.

    4) Face Shaver

    I just started using these this past fall. It lightly shaves the small hairs on your face and neck to exfoliate and give a smooth surface for a glowing complexion. Products absorbs more quickly and skin is baby soft. 

    5) Lash and Brow Serum

    Lashes and brows are a big trend in beauty and make-up right now and when they're done right, it gives an instant youthful appearance. I use VegaBrow on my brows and lash line several times a week to promote growth and fullness. It's also vegan and cruelty-free so that's a win/win. 

    6) Lash Extension Mascara

    I love this product. Nothing opens up the eye and gives you a rested, youthful look like a beautiful lash. This Liquid Lash Extensions mascara from Thrive cosmetics is a mascara that really gives you a full and long lash line. While I loved the look of lash extensions, I stopped doing them because I just couldn’t afford the time commitment. Now I use this product and it's fabulous. Vegan, paraben and toxin-free, too!

    7) Firming and Moisturizing Body Cream 

    This stuff is amazing. Charlotte Tilbury Super Model Body. I've already re-ordered this twice for fear of running out. It's light but packs a punch for moisturizing and firming the skin and gives it a beautiful glow. The smell is amazing and feels so great on my skin. It's quickly become one of my favorites. I might have to buy this in bulk. 

    Your Best Beautiful 

    Being your best self comes in all different expressions. For me, it's about looking and feeling good about myself and yes, I'm a sucker for a clever product with the promise of a great result. But it's all getting me to the same place, bliss, joy and FUN.

    Have Some Fun Today and be beautiful doing it...!

    Peace, Love, & Fun, 


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