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  • How To Find Your Calm From A Tea Cup

    The Art of Tea

    I love my daily rituals. The simplicity of repetition in a task, each and every day, is very grounding for me. Meditation, Rune Stones, drinking tea, taking hot baths. These things give me connection and routine that I crave, especially after traveling or being away. 

    Tea is one of my favorite rituals. Putting on a kettle, selecting my favorite mug (the HSFT one, of course!) picking a tea that suits my mood and my vibe. Do I want a tea for energy, for clarity and focus, detox, metabolism, stress, sleep? I've got it all in my cupboard.

    Hot water poured over dried herbs and tea leaves that steams to the top of my mug. The warmth of that mug in my hands and the steam that reaches my face as I sip this soothing liquid is blissful. Each sip feels like a deep breath; cleansing and relaxing. 

    Time For Tea

    It started with my Italian Aunt Mary who would make me tea when she babysat me. With honey and Honeycomb cereal, of all things! But it seemed decadent and delicious and I loved the way she took such deliberate steps to make this gourmet delight for me. As I got older, my mom and I would have tea. Sometimes a little milk and honey, or lemon and honey. Tea become part of a tradition.

    Aunt Mary was on to something. Tea has its origins in Southwest China where it was used as a medicinal drink, but it was the Dutch settlers who brought tea to the early American Colonies. 

    Loose Yourself In A Tea Cup

    Having a cup of tea always feels like taking a break and having a moment of reprieve, much like taking a hot bath feels for me. 

    It's no surprise, tea is known for it's calming effects and lowering stress. Even teas with caffeine, like black tea, have been shown to lower stress hormones. And tea is chock full of antioxidants called polyphenols which protect our cells. Added bonus, black tea is known for it's anti-aging properties and lowering ovarian cancer risk, heart disease and diabetes. 

    All I know is how good it feels when I take the time to sit and sip. It feels restorative and restful. And while we all know the importance of getting our daily water intake, researches have found that tea is actually just as hydrating as water but you get the added benefits of the antioxidants in the tea. 

    Tea For Two

    I recently visited the Motherland of tea drinkers when I took a trip to see my daughter in London. The British take their tea to a whole new level and so we decided to experience the pomp and circumstance of a high tea at the famous Sketch

    High tea is quite an experience. Especially when they offer you a new champagne-infused tea! And of course, we just had to try. You can always #HSFT, even at high tea in London...

    Back at home, I realize my love for tea is the wrapped up in the memories of my Aunt, the ritual of making it and the calming effect it has on me. 

    What's your de-stress routine? Do you use daily rituals or practices that help you feel calmer or help to energize you?

    I love the way the little ceremonies of my daily life make me feel calmer and ready to conquer whatever the world has to offer. With a healthy dose of HSFT, I think it's the perfect recipe for a joyful and happy life. 

    Peace, love & FUN, 

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