You can tell by talking to her that Cindy Webster likes to smile. And that she is perpetual motion. "I wish there were 20 hours more in every day!" she says. She's a woman on the move in her job as Marketing Director for SportsRadio 94WIP in Philadelphia. Whether she is creating events to increase listeners for the station or attending them, her job can be all hours of the day and night, sometimes starting at 5 and ending at 11. "Grass will never grow under my feet as long as I’m in radio." Growing up just outside of Philly, Cindy's almost 25 years radio career has given her the chance to support charities and those in need and meet some amazing people. No day at her job is ever the same and that's what she loves about it. She's an avid sports fan, loves live music and admits she will never miss a chance to hug a mascot and take a pic. We love that she radiates positivity and kindness. Cindy took some time out from her busy radio schedule to answer a few questions about life and her connection to HSFT

    What is your personal Mission Statement?

    Live life to the fullest (even when you’re tired) and to be nice to everyone you meet.  I hope my legacy would be that I helped people somehow. Whether it’s by helping with a charitable initiative someone has, or trying to help make a wish come true for a sick child, or helping someone with tickets to an event they wouldn’t normally have access to, or even just by being a good friend. 

    What inspires you to create the life you live?  

    Life inspires me.  The fact that we are on this beautiful earth and get to take advantage of everything out there, as long as we are healthy and able, inspires me.  I’m in awe of simple things like a sunset (I have to go out and see it every night no matter where I am).  I appreciate the little things and the little gestures people make. I’m inspired by my friends and family. I’m inspired by strong and talented people. 

    Do you use any daily disciplines or practices to energize you?

    I am a planner so I do my best to look months ahead and lay out everything I hope to accomplish. I am a list maker and I won’t be satisfied 'til I have checked everything off the list and I know I’ve done everything. At least once a day (if not all day!), I need to step outside and see the sun and the trees (any time of the year, -even in a blizzard!).  It energizes me to be outside. 

    What is one piece of advice or words of inspiration you live by?

    I live by the motto to always tell people how you feel about them.  To me, if you don’t tell them in the living years, then you’ve missed an opportunity.  Even if it’s an acquaintance or someone you met on the street.  If someone does something nice, I want to say thank you and acknowledge what they did. And I want to tell someone when they’ve made an impact on my life. I try not to ever leave loose ends-in my job, with my friends and in life.

    What helps you Have Some Fun Today - each and every day?

    I try to have fun no matter what I’m doing, no matter where I am and no matter who I am with.  Knowing Joe Rado and the love he had for life and his family always inspired me.  Whenever I would visit the Rado Family and he would say “Have Some Fun Today” to me, I always walked away and knew I had to go have some fun!  Life is about having fun because there is so much of it out there to experience.  There are days that I can’t believe how much I have gotten to see and do and that’s when I stop and realize how lucky I am.  I never stop appreciating all that I have gotten to do thanks to the strong foundation my family provided, thanks to my education, thanks to the friends I have made and thanks to the career path I have chosen. I think the trick is to just appreciate what you have and try to look at things as a glass half full.  If you do that, anything you do is fun!



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