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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Hey Momma, you're hot! We love being busy moms on-the-go, but let's not forget to make it about us sometimes. We celebrate sexy women who balance raising children and home life, jobs and careers and still look amazing while doing it. Here's a few tips for all of us to stay looking flawlessly fashionable and impossible chic. 


    Whether it's the "baby weight" we're now trying to hide or the practicality of our wardrobe which endures the wrath of Mom life, it's an easy way to suck the style right out of you. And let's face it, when you haven't slept in five nights, staying in your pajama bottoms or yoga pants every day is very appealing. 

    As the babies grow up and we become immersed in playdates, soccer games, trips to the park, and maybe even find ourselves back in careers, some of us have forgotten to put the fashion back in our closets. Just say no to the "Style-less". Fashion and style can still be comfortable and flattering, for moms of all shapes and sizes.

    1) It's All About the Denim 

    Ironically the high-waisted jean featured in that SNL skit is actually back in style these days, but do yourself a favor and update your denim wardrobe. You need one good pair of jeans, but they must be from this decade. Yeah, you do look hot in that new bod after doing "Whole 30", but even if you can fit into your jeans from early 20's, it does not mean you should wear them. 

    Denim has changed a lot. A good pair will have a bit of give and stretch and will fit you like a glove without needing to lay flat on the bed to get them zipped. We're looking for fitted and flattering, not spray painted and muffin-topping. (We love Mother Denim and Rag & Bone  on the splurge side and Liverpool Jeans and Express Denim for a budget friendly pair). You want to feel good in these jeans, so be prepared to spend more than you do on your kids clothes. This is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. 

    Take a friend, try on as many as you need to until you find "The One". You'll know when you put them on because you'll never want to take them off. We're sort of obsessing over the released hem look.  Soccer field or with heels and fitted blazer for cocktails with your friends, they'll make you feel sexy no matter where you are. 

    2) It's a Shoe Thing

    Shoes may be on the bottom of your body but it's one of the most important details that many woman overlook. A great pair of shoes can change they way you walk into a room, literally! And a great pair of shoes can give you instant style to an otherwise average outfit. Yes, we love those pointy toe flats and those go-to canvas slip ons, but a heel gives you reason to stand a little taller and feel a little sexier. 

    Even just a heel with a few inches of lift will make big difference. Wedge heels are a great way to get the height and keep the comfort and there are so many options from cork to suede. Block heels are stacked and more supportive but super chic in a strappy sandal for summer. And let's not forget a classic stiletto. 

    Grab those amazing jeans, a cool graphic t-shirt (our Have Some Fun Today original Tee is our go to) and a fitted jacket or blazer. Now slip on those heels. And Momma just stepped up her style....

    3) Pick a Trend, Any Trend

    Jeans and heels are staples and classics that transcend the trends from season to season but a great way to punch up your look is with one seasonal trend that can mix well with the rest of your closet. 

    Take that fitted jacket or blazer. Why not pick a jacket in the hot color of the season, a whisper blush pink or a neutral nude? Both are Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Spring. And it will go with everything. Dress it up or down and watch it become the workhorse of your closet. 

    Or shop for inexpensive accessories on trend, like a great bag in those fabulous colors, a statement necklace or choker. Simple details like accessories can take your style from basic to fashion forward. Being a mom is the hardest and the best job job you'll ever have but you can still look good doing it.

     4) Teach Your Children Well 

    Want to pass on life skills to your children? Teach them how to have style, fashion and good taste. It may sound trite, but your kids learn about personal style and feeling confident by emulating their parents.

    "I love that my two daughter's have their own uniquely individual sense when it comes to fashion and style," says HSFT founder and designer Stephanie Taormina. " I've worked in the fashion and design industry for years. So, they know the value of well made clothes, they know what looks good on their bodies and they have a confidence about them. I've always taught them being beautiful is a deeply personal expression and comes from feeling good about yourself."

    Busy moms default their own personal style and fashion for comfort and practicality all the time.  Knowing how to spot a great handbag, a good pair of shoes, a well-made garment, even if you find it at a thrift store, that's a life skill! And being stylish and chic can be done on any budget. But showing your kids that yes, mom does own more than yoga pants shows them you value taking care of yourself. And that is a valuable lesson at any age.




    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek

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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - You need this new trend in your closet. Here's an easy way to bring your basic wardrobe into high fashion this Spring, that will last you through summer. Write this down.... Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut.

    The Color Gods

    No, these aren't fancy new drinks on the Starbucks menu, these are the hot, trending colors from the Pantone Fashion Color Report for 2017.

    The guiding force behind the color palette for fashion, these Pantone colors were splashed all over the runway and are now making their mark in paint colors and home design.

    So Much More Than Just Tan and Pink

    We adore the neutrality of these colors. The Hazelnut color looks gorgeous in a modern cut pant, a beautiful flutter top silk blouse or classic blazer. Think shades of a pale khaki or rich ivory. Cream, buff, ecru, champagne.... it's catalog speak for a color that may sound incredibly dull but is actually beautiful and offers versatility to your closet.  

    And Pale Dogwood is that just blush of pink, a hint or a whisper of its more vibrant counterpart. Muted, yes, but nonetheless fabulous. This is a gorgeous rosè in a crystal glass or the palest pink of the spring cherry blossom. And universally, both of these colors tend to be flattering on most skin tones.

    How To Wear It

    We love the look of the neutral nude set to the classic jeans and t-shirt. But you can take it from basic to fabulous with just a few additions.

    The easiest way add these color trends to your everyday look is with accessories. Your go-to favorite jeans and still trending "statement tee" are the perfect foundation to go any direction that your day may take you.

    Running errands around town or meetings with clients on the fly? Take our cool HSFT Live Love Wear Share tee and jeans to another level with hint of the barely there hue in a great slide sneaker. (We heart these classic Van sneakers from Nordstrom in a perforated suede) or you can opt for these fabulous canvas espadrilles in nude from Anthropologie.

    Your day turns into night and it's time for cocktails with your hottie? Switch out the slides for some sexy, strappy sandals in this creamy color. Add a chic natural leather cuff, a buff-tone leather choker, and did we mention this color looks amazing with gold? Layer your go-to gold pieces whenever you pick this muted palette. 

    Complete the look with a fabulous bag like this quilted Chanel classic bag or  any one of the delicious options in this barely there color. We love the Michale Kors Mercer Convertible Tote in fawn   or this fabulous Loeffler Randall dome satchel with tassels in a buttery natural leather. 

    Dive Into the Color Pool 

    You don't have to over do it to be "on point" and look amazing. Mixing trends with classic looks and basic pieces from your wardrobe gives you just enough nod to a look or a style. 

    And however you decide to dress it, Have Some Fun Today!

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