• "Beauty Broker" Melinda Farina, seen here with the HSFT luxe tote


    Melinda Farina loves to help people. Aka the Beauty Broker, Melinda founded her health and beauty consulting business, "Integrated Aesthetics" in 2004. She connects her clients with the best doctors and experts in their fields, like plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists. With her degrees in dental science and psychology, her brains are as impressive as her beauty. She studied extensively under top cosmetic Dr. Rosenthal of New York City where she learned much about consulting and working with patients first hand. "I would study my patients and take inventory, from looking at their health histories every day to what surgeries they had and who did them. It was so interesting to me...." Her own consulting business has since grown to three international businesses and keeps her on the move. We were thrilled to have Melinda take some take to talk with HSFT about what inspires her and how she like to Have Some Fun...

    What is your personal mantra or Mission Statement?

    I live by the “Golden Rule”, Do Unto Others… I actually even tattooed it on my left forearm. I always put myself in another person's shoes, listen thoroughly to and try to fully understand them before I act. I never treat another as I wouldn't want to be treated. Making people feel loved, comfortable and included is my thing. It's something that is not practiced often enough, unfortunately. This is one thing that I will be sure my children grow up practicing. Also, Be Original. The only way to true success is practicing originality- people want authenticity not a copy or hacked version of another person’s hard work and creativity. Always be one of a kind!

    What inspires you? 

    The ability to change a person's life for the better. The reason I started my company was to help people. Both men and women come to me usually when they're feeling at their very worst. Having the ability to guide them through a reinvention process and watch them walk away with their heads held high - that is exactly why I do what I do, day after day. Nothing more gratifying than being the orchestrator of such a beautiful process. It is the one driving force that pushes me to become better and expand my services year after year. 


    What do you value most in life?

    My mind and my heart. I place a lot of value on being a woman who thinks deeply and loves deeply. A beautiful mind and a huge heart can take you anywhere in life. Never underestimate the power of these two things. 


    Do you use any daily disciplines or practices to energize you? 

    Early to bed early to rise - and no processed junk food. I lead an organic lifestyle through and through! Good rest and healthy living will always keep you young and energized. I always make sure that I put aside ME TIME- spa days - steam room at the gym, ocean time with no electronics in sight. Your body speaks to you- if you take the time to listen to it and address its needs-you will always feel your best. I take 4x yearly trips to Italy for work and family. The Amalfi Coast just simply revives me! In the past two years or so I have also practiced "toxic elimination" toxic people, toxic habits, toxic environments- GOODBYE. I won't allow it. Constant cleansing of these things are necessary- especially living in NYC!


    What is the most valuable advice you've even been given or words of inspiration you live by?

    "Let Cooler Heads Prevail"- brilliant words handed over to me by my brilliant older brother. He is an uber successful business man. I am a business woman- and as women, sometimes we allow our emotions to guide us and speak on our behalf. I have learned to stop reacting out of emotions and take a few days to think about a situation before addressing it. There is always truth in facts and numbers. Presenting facts and making solid factual points, strategically and systematically is the wiser path to choose. Reacting out of emotions automatically makes you the weaker counterpart- no matter how RIGHT you may be. Stop, breathe, think- and always let cooler heads prevail. You will thank me for this one!

    What helps you Have Some Fun Today - each and every day?

    My core group of brilliant friends. We constantly bounce brilliant business and travel ideas off of one another- all of my friends are wickedly creative and innovative- we truly enjoy each others company. My family and my adorably hysterical nephew, who always does and says the funniest things. I am also so lucky to work with world renown surgeons and specialists that have become some of my closest friends. We laugh so much day in and day out, they're wonderful people! Laughter is life. When I am around the people I love, I am always donning an ear to ear smile. I just couldn't do it without them! 


    Written and contributed by Rebecca Doubek...

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  • HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We decided to start a vlog series and a HSFT YouTube Channel a few months ago without any idea what we'd end up with. We granted fillmmaker Patrick Corcoran full access to the ins and outs of our everyday, building our brand, Have Some Fun Today. 

    The best part about telling our story is getting to spread the message about our humble beginnings, where we began on this journey, and the inspiration for our founder, Stephanie Rado Taormina. 

    Our vlog series is cataloging the journey we're taking to build a brand with soul. Every event, pop-up shop, studio open house, and home party. And everything we do to keep our focus and keep having Some Fun Today.

    In this episode, "That Time We Went to Facebook", Stephanie talks about what it takes to build her brand every day and seeing the reaction to her designs and products in a new setting. She sews labels, packs up her inventory and hits the road for a pop-up shop event at Facebook headquarters in New York City. 

    We watch her take each experience and learn about how her brand is received.

    "These events to me, they're market research as the designer and the founder. I'm so curious to know what people think of the product, how they respond to it. You know when they first look at something, are they looking at it and like "eh" or are they looking at it going, 'That's cool'."

    The brand "with soul" grows each day and as HSFT documents the process, we watch the victories and the grit and grind from grassroots to global. 

    The one thing that's clear is the uniqueness of the Have Some Fun Today in any marketplace. And that comes through in every t-shirt, tote, trucker hat and hoodie. 

    "I like a little wit in the design. The fact that there's a little wit and there's little soul..." - Stephanie Rado Taormina, founder and CEO of Have Some Fun Today.  


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