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  • HSFT Founder Stephanie Taormina with her two daughters... 


    Happy Mother's Day, Beautiful

    In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, Have Some Fun Today is celebrating the beauty and maternal nurturing of all women. We all have a mother and yes, the beauty of Mother's Day is in honoring those women that brought us into the world. But as women, we are genetically hardwired for care taking and nurturing, whether we've birthed a child or not. Maternal instinct runs deep in our DNA. We are all "moms" in some way, shape or form.

    It's not just a day to celebrate the Mom who's done diaper duty and sleepless nights, but to celebrate the women who nurture and cares for those around her. That's as motherly as it gets. 

    So Happy Mother's Day to all women who are filling the world with all that motherly goodness. And here's 15 ways we've been doing that shit since way back.... #HMD #HSFT

    1) Snack Leader

    You always volunteered to pass out the graham crackers in kindergarten and made sure everyone had a napkin. Especially the super annoying boy who always made a mess, and liked to pull your hair when you sat next to him in circle time. Note to self, he grows up to be super hot and will recall how you were kindergarten "Snack Leader" while you make out with him in the front seat of his Dad's BMW senior year. 

    2) The Human Ponytail Holder

    You held your college roommate's hair back while she regretted and heaved every single one of those upside tequila shots at the holiday dorm party. 

    3) Because Cupcakes Are Always A Good Idea

    You brought cupcakes for everyone to the "Cleanup Day" after the junior high stage production of Oklahoma! in 9th grade. Because a snack was always a good idea and hey, you were snack leader.  

    4) Kiddie Care

    You always offer to babysit for friends with kids when they're in a bind or need some help.  

    5) Just Breathe

    You held your best friend's hand while she gave birth to her first child, and her husband remained wide-eyed and ghost white, insisting his gaze stay "south of the border." As your goddaughter made her way into the world, you marveled at the miracle of birth, and you'd lie and tell your BFF that yes, her daughter was beautiful! Even though she initially resembled Winston Churchill. Thankfully, she'd outgrow that.

    6) Accessories Are Everything

    You love a good apron. 

    7) Lonely Hearts Club

    You pulled an all-nighter, baking heart-shaped cookies and making hand made Valentines cards for the entire Intern Staff your first job out of college, because you felt badly most of them were single. And you were secretly dating your boss. 

    8) Because Shoes Are Always A Good Idea

     Because the 89-year-old neighbor in your first apartment, Mrs. Petrov in 4B, decided she would like some Nike running shoes just like the ones she saw you wearing everyday for your morning run. Down 4 flights of stairs and into your used Honda, you would drive her to the sporting goods store, where she left wearing the "most comfortable shoes she'd ever worn, honey!"

    9) Dish Duty

    Sneaking off into the kitchen and beginning the clean up at a friend's party has always been your thing. 

    10) Say It With Soup

    You say, "Get Better Soon!" with homemade bone-broth, organic chicken noodle soup and a box of tissues (the kind with lotion), for a friend who is under the weather. 

    11) Princess of Tide

    You like doing laundry.

    12) Do As I Say...

    Your friends have always quipped "Okay, Mom!" to you when you've offered some advice or opinion on what they should do, which you've always done.

    13) Gather Round

    Because in your 20's, you dubbed it the "Misfits Turkey Dinner Club" you invited everyone to Thanksgiving Dinner, if they had no where to go. Now lovingly called  "Everyone is Family Dinner", you host the best Thanksgivings ever!

    14) You've Got A Little Something...

    You're that friend (or stranger) who tells people when: their fly is down, there is something in their teeth, they have toilet paper stuck to their shoe. Because you'd want someone to do it for you.

    15) Bag of Tricks 

    You're never without your Handi-wipes, purse-size tissues and you always have a breath mint. 


    Happy Mother's Day to all women, who create good vibes and share love everyday, all over the world, as we're "mothering" people and our planet.  #whoruntheworld #mothersrock #women


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who always has a breath mint and a word of advice.... 

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