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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - It's no secret that exercise can be a game changer when it comes to our health and gets us in shape. But it's also key for keeping your "sexy" and your happiness.

    Let's Get It On 

    Exercising three times a week or more is thought to increase our mental health, as the body releases important hormones like androgens when we break a sweat. And that gives us sex drive. According to an article in the Mayo Clinic "Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed."

    Happy and more relaxed is great for our sex life, not to mention increasing our confidence when we feel good about our body. 

    Hey There, Gorgeous 

    Going to the gym, a yoga class or for a run, can boost our mood and help keep us get physically fit. And you might as well look good doing it.

    At HSFT, we're pretty excited about our new athletic wear. Our athletic leggings and HSFT sports bra make the perfect workout partner. They look amazing and remind us to Have Some Fun Today. 

    Look good and feel good. Here's eight other reasons you should get your work out on....


    1) Better Sleep  

    Moving the body and working up a sweat gives us a better quality Zzzz's and who doesn't need that!

    2) Reduces Heart Disease Risk Factors

    It's one of the biggest factors in keeping your heart health and is thought to be more powerful than even some preventative medications

    3) It's Better Than  

    If you're single and looking to meet people, join a gym! You'll have access to a whole new community of people who obviously stay fit and you can check out their "assets" while you're hitting the treadmill.

    4) Athleisure Is Real And It's Awesome

    Yes, athleisure is a thing and it's amazing. There is a whole new level of niche fashion devoted to chic and stylish workout clothes with the perfect fit and comfort AND looking good on you. HSFT has joined the party with our new sports bra and leggings that will be quickly become your favs.

    5) A Better Booty

    Let's not kid ourselves, of course we want to feel better and reduce heart disease but we're not doing this workout thing without seeing a payout. And a perky posterior is certainly fantastic motivation. 

    6) Stronger You

    There's something about feeling strong in your body that shifts our self image. Keeping our physical selves strong and fit reminds us that we can carry the heavy load when life gives us more than we bargain for. 

    7) Improves Memory

    Want help remembering where you left the car keys or your cell phone? Working out has been proven to increase cognitive function and keep our memory sharper. 

    8) Have Some Fun Today

    All that sweat and hormones releasing from the body is a known mood booster and anything that helps you feel better and Have Some Fun Today is legit in our book.

    There's no excuse. Grab your gym bag, (like our HSFT luxe tote) a great workout outfit and you're on the road to a better you. 

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  • Happiness. Choose it. 

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - It's pretty easy to open your beautiful eyes from a night's slumber and immediately think of 10 negative things in the world or your life that can suck the good vibe out of any mood. But here's the thing, its just as easy to flip that shit on it's side and find 10 things that are pretty amazing about your life. And yes, having your health and indoor plumbing can count as two of them. 

    But seriously, we are bombarded every single day by negativity and volatility. And the smart phones is just a constant gateway to more negative information and more accessibility. And if you don't learn to filter it out, it will crush your mojo. 

    At Have Some Fun Today, we believe in manifesting positivity and happiness every single day. We cultivate it. We meditate, exercise and focus on bringing positive things into our lives.

    There's Some Science In Your Happiness

    There are countless studies, research and articles about creating happiness in your life and they all hit on some common themes. Gratitude is a big one. Find things in your life that you're grateful for, even if they seem small and insignificant. When we shift our focus from what we don't have to what we have, something profound shifts in us.

    The other common element for happy people? The word "savor" comes up a lot which is a beautiful way to say, soak up the good times. Relish in the small pleasures of everyday.... In other words, lovelies, Have Some Fun Today! This article in the Mayo Clinic talks about cultivating happiness by practicing "happy" and investing in positive relationships. Happy breeds happy, so surround yourself with it. 

    At HSFT, we couldn't be more clear that in order to live happy and be happy, you start with choosing happy. If we need to throw on our Original Crop Tank in to remind ourselves, then hell yeah, we're always down for that.  

    You Get What You Put Out There

    Your mind is way more powerful than you realize. You actually create physical energetic matter when you have a thought. Daaa-uuuummm! That's some powerful stuff. Physicists call it a Quantum Event. And what we create and what we put out there attracts more of the same. Like attracts like.  

    "Every time you think a thought, you send out that thought's specific vibration. If a thought makes you feel good, if it's a "positive" thought, it is vibrating at a higher frequency. If a thought makes you feel bad, if it's a "negative" thought, it's vibrating at a lower frequency." -Melody Fletcher of Deliberate Receiving 

    Happiness really is a state of mind and there are plenty of ways to remind yourself of that. We highly suggest starting with a great outfit with an HSFT t-shirt or our luxe tote to keep you in the right frame of mind!





     Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who really is happy

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  • Arm yourself with the necessities for Spring.... Our HSFT umbrella is perfect for the finicky weather and our HSFT luxe tote will help you haul your wrap for those chilly nights or the fashion forward trench for rain. And don't forget our Luxe Message Pillow that makes the ideal statement on the covered porch...  


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Ahhhhh, Spring! We've awakened from the stillness of winter and thrown open the shuttered blinds to see the sun out longer and that we desperately need a pedicure. It's time to embrace the season of re-birth (and possible seasonal allergies) with vigor and vitality. Refresh, renew and Dammit, let's "Have Some Fun" this spring....


    1) Spring Clean Your Emotional Life

    Yes, we love the idea of spring cleaning our homes and removing the winter dust bunnies but we ADORE the idea of spring cleaning our emotional closets. The truth is everyone can benefit from a little emotional purge. Holding on to a grudge with a friend? Still stinging from a breakup or broken heart that's keeping you in the single zone? Not talking to your sister because of something stupid she said because she still she thinks she's the boss of you?

    Let it go. Yes, we're quoting The Disney movie Frozen, but just like the ice princess says, it's time to let it go. Move on. The only one who is being held back is you. Your friend, sister, ex, etc. isn't feeling the effects of your anger or sadness. It has little effect on them, but the truth is, we are the one who benefit most when we let go of old negative emotions. Even the Mayo Clinic has done research on the benefits of letting go of old stuff. You're a google search away from figuring out why this needs to happen in your life. And when we let it go, we make room for the beautiful things in life.... Who doesn't need more of that?

    2) Get A Pedicure

    Nothing ushers in the warm weather and the tingling energy of spring like the freedom of our toes in the open air. It's depressing to look down and see the remainder of your sparkle red polish that you donned for the office Christmas Party oh so many months ago. If you're not one for foot pampering, you need to immediately start. A pedicure is small piece of heaven on earth. Someone rubs your feet, remove rough skin and moisturizes, trims and files your nails, and paints them a pretty shade of Spring. It's decadent! And if you don't have the perfect pair of stack heel sandals or cork wedges for the spring, the pedi is a good reason to go shoe shopping. You're welcome. Now let those toes out!

    3) Catch Spring Fever and Have A Spring Fling  

    There's something about the energy of bursting blooms, the budding trees and the energy of the earth this time of year that can make us feel giddy. As Mother Nature is prepping for a party with flowers and bright shades of green, we're catching a buzz of frenetic vibrations. Spring Fever!! In other words, we're all in the mood for a good shag.

    Go out and find some FUN in the form of good love. Flirtation can be fun. Married or have a partner? Spice it up, make it sexy and interesting. Love notes, sexy texts, make it clear you're in the mood for a spring fling.

    Single? Get out there, girl! It's the perfect time to pull out that off the shoulder pinstripe banker stripe shirt you bought when there was still snow on the ground. Get your girlfriends and get out there. You can't meet anyone new in your fuzzy Ugg slippers and yoga pants watching Netflix.  Use the mojo of this time of year to inspire you. They don't call if spring fever for nothing... If the bees can do it, so can you.

    4) Shopping Anyone?

    You won't find a better way to inspire that Spring Cleaning of your closet than a promise to yourself for a shopping after a job well done. You know there's plenty in there to purge. And if your budget isn't as excited about the retail therapy reward as you are, remember you CAN do fashion and trend on a budget. TJ Maxx, Target, Forever 21, and on-line deals can give you a whole new look for not a lot of money.  We love the wide "seaside" stripes, influx of yellow (hello spring!), trench coats and one-shoulder, and of course, the statement tee looks. 

    5) Get Your Outside On

    There's nothing more powerful than spending some time outside this time of year and we don't mean walking to the car from your house. This is a season when immersing ourselves in the elements is good for the soul. Whether there's a chill in the air and you need a sweater or it's warm enough to break a sweat, studies show that spending time outside enhances our mental health and can lower our risk for depression. It's known to increase our vitamin D intake and to lower stress. 

    However you do it, put yourself in the outdoors. A park, a walk around the block, a hiking trail, even a walk to a friend's house. You never know what you might find.

    6) Lighten Up

    Sure, you're packing up your winter clothes and booths, but it's also time to lighten up your diet. Spring is the time we move away from heavier foods like proteins and higher fats, that we naturally gravitate to in the colder months. What you see outside is what should be on your plate. Lots of greens, fruits and veggies are the perfect way to eat within the season. Salads, lean meats and fish are the ideal way to lighten your plate. And you might even make the shift in your wine selection. Many of our salads and greens pair nicely with a lighter white varietal or even a rosè, a lovely compliment to food with the higher acidic palette. Our bodies make a shift just as the seasons do, and so should our food choices.


    There's lots of reasons to embrace the charms and the positive vibrations of the Spring season. Whatever you do, think spring and Have Some Fun Today



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who loves the vibe of spring... 

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