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  • What's your vibe? Founder Steph and a few from her "tribe"...


    A Lightbulb Moment That Created A Lifestyle

    I started my brand, Have Some Fun Today, 3-and-half-years ago, inspired by something my late father always said. I’ve created an entire company from those four words; a company about positivity, finding joy and being mindful everyday. I took that sweet sentiment my father said to me, and anyway else as they would leave his presence, “Have some fun today” and created a mantra for my life and a lifestyle brand that reinforces living and appreciating life.

    And as I began this journey to building a brand and creating this business, I’ve tried to live that mindset and that mantra. Last week in the blog, I shared how my challenges with chronic pain have made that more difficult some days. But I truly have tried to embody what I think Have Some Fun Today really means and what it stands for.

    Your Vibe Really Does Attract Your Tribe

    The beautiful thing I’ve encountered over the last three years are all the incredible people who have taken HSFT and made it their own. And they’ve embodied the HSFT mindset and it means something a little different to everyone. It’s connected me to all these amazing people and truly created a community. Many of them have become friends. And what I’ve realized as the path continues for me and HSFT, is that this grassroots company I started has set the tone for my vibe. And so yeah, my vibe has attracted my tribe.

    And oh what a tribe! From CEO’s to artists, to Moms and models, and every beautiful thing in between. What an eclectic, eccentric and fantastic tribe I’ve watched emerge and circle around my “brand with soul.” Have Some Fun Today has connected me to some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

    What You Get Is What You Give

    The Law of Attraction is pretty simple. What you think, feel, speak, and otherwise generate, whether from your mouth or from your brain, is what you are putting out into the universe. And the universe will respond by bringing you more of the same. So, like attracts like. Negativity brings more negativity. And positivity, well, you get the idea.

    It’s never been more clear to me at this place in my life that I create and control my happiness. Living the HSFT mantra and the brand that I created has brought me to a deeper place of understanding about really being present and mindful enough every day to enjoy and be grateful.

    For me, it has proved to be powerful and palpable. And a little bit magical. And that’s been the beauty of living those four words every single day.

    Love and Fun,



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  • Happiness. Choose it. 

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - It's pretty easy to open your beautiful eyes from a night's slumber and immediately think of 10 negative things in the world or your life that can suck the good vibe out of any mood. But here's the thing, its just as easy to flip that shit on it's side and find 10 things that are pretty amazing about your life. And yes, having your health and indoor plumbing can count as two of them. 

    But seriously, we are bombarded every single day by negativity and volatility. And the smart phones is just a constant gateway to more negative information and more accessibility. And if you don't learn to filter it out, it will crush your mojo. 

    At Have Some Fun Today, we believe in manifesting positivity and happiness every single day. We cultivate it. We meditate, exercise and focus on bringing positive things into our lives.

    There's Some Science In Your Happiness

    There are countless studies, research and articles about creating happiness in your life and they all hit on some common themes. Gratitude is a big one. Find things in your life that you're grateful for, even if they seem small and insignificant. When we shift our focus from what we don't have to what we have, something profound shifts in us.

    The other common element for happy people? The word "savor" comes up a lot which is a beautiful way to say, soak up the good times. Relish in the small pleasures of everyday.... In other words, lovelies, Have Some Fun Today! This article in the Mayo Clinic talks about cultivating happiness by practicing "happy" and investing in positive relationships. Happy breeds happy, so surround yourself with it. 

    At HSFT, we couldn't be more clear that in order to live happy and be happy, you start with choosing happy. If we need to throw on our Original Crop Tank in to remind ourselves, then hell yeah, we're always down for that.  

    You Get What You Put Out There

    Your mind is way more powerful than you realize. You actually create physical energetic matter when you have a thought. Daaa-uuuummm! That's some powerful stuff. Physicists call it a Quantum Event. And what we create and what we put out there attracts more of the same. Like attracts like.  

    "Every time you think a thought, you send out that thought's specific vibration. If a thought makes you feel good, if it's a "positive" thought, it is vibrating at a higher frequency. If a thought makes you feel bad, if it's a "negative" thought, it's vibrating at a lower frequency." -Melody Fletcher of Deliberate Receiving 

    Happiness really is a state of mind and there are plenty of ways to remind yourself of that. We highly suggest starting with a great outfit with an HSFT t-shirt or our luxe tote to keep you in the right frame of mind!





     Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who really is happy

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