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  • Punch Yourself in the Face:)

    I know it sounds weird or harsh, but it’s just my sense of humor at play and some of the best "Steph advice" I give my best friends and myself.....

        We all have bad days. We all have pity parties even if they are fleeting in our own heads. The way I snap out of such ridiculousness is to realize how good I have it and tell myself I should punch myself in the face for even thinking I am lacking.
    Seriously, at the end of the day no matter what bullshit you think you’re going through, you still have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, people you call family, food to eat and probably a lot more.
        I have a small group of friends who don’t know it but they are all my therapists and I serve as a therapist for them too. I feel lucky I have such a smart group of men and women who I can bounce stuff off of and vice versa. They always tell me the best advice I ever gave them is my line: “you need to punch yourself in the face.” It makes you laugh out loud and snap back to a healthy reality immediately.

       So next time you decide to whine about something, think about that saying. I bet you’ll smile at the thought and think damn, that one is good!

    Love & Light,




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