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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - You wake up in the morning and you choose what to wear. You choose what to have for breakfast, if you want coffee or tea. You choose the music you listen to as your drive to work or as you make the kids lunches. Beach or Lake? Bikini or one piece? Stay or go? Some choices are easier than others. Some would even argue that we choose our mood, and our vibe. Good day or bad day?

    Let Freedom Ring

    Our day begins with choices and the freedom to make them. And freedom is a pretty cool thing. We love in a country that affords it's people freedom. For expression, for art, for politics, for gender and for who we choose to love. These are things we have freedom to choose. And this is not true for many places around the world. 

    Free To Be You And Me

    This Independence Day weekend, we choose FUN. Have Some Fun Today was founded on the principal of choosing to have a good day. And that's a pretty awesome way to live. Find some FUN. Take a chance, look for the silver lining and Have Some Fun Today. 

    A Living Legacy 

    Our founder and CEO's late father said those words to his children, family and friends every day when he was on this planet. He passed on his legacy to his family and it lives on with Have Some Fun Today.  

    We want you to see our cool tee shirts, totes and mugs and think, "Yeah, that's the way I want to live today!" It's a mindset that we have the freedom to choose. 

    Ride The Wave Of HSFT

    Want fireworks in your life? Decide everyday that you choose it. Maybe it's a beautiful sunset or receiving a random act of kindness. Maybe it's lunch with an old friend or maybe it's making a new one. It's a freedom we're afforded by simply choosing to find the magic, find the spark and find the Fun. It's a vibe you can catch, every single day. HSFT!

    So celebrate your freedom this Fourth of July with the wind in your hair, your toes in the sand  or a sparkler in your hand. However you celebrate, choose to be happy! 



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who loves her freedom to write and listen to cool music at the same time... 

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