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    Hilary Duff in the HSFT trucker hat in black, shared a selfie on her Instagram from her recent Canadian vacation...



    Hello, Hollywood.... We've Been Waiting For You

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We've been pretty stoked to see Have Some Fun Today showing up in our news feed on high-profile celebs like Olivia Wilde, Brooke Shields and last week, on Hilary Duff. But we can't say we're surprised. Three years ago, HSFT started out with the goal of sharing a mindset, a vibe, and a philosophy on how to live life. The chic tees, totes, hats and other accessories are just the vehicle to share the message. 

    The message may seem simple, but it's a call to action. Hey, you. Yeah, you. Pay attention and look for something in your day that's fun! Go out and find a little fun or find a lot of fun. Just find it! Look for it, cultivate it. But whatever you do, Have Some Fun today. 


    It Was Just A Mission Statement 

    And so, when you get HSFT, you get it. For some people, Have Some Fun Today is a mission statement to grab the day by the collar, dammit, and have some FUN. For others, it's a reminder to pay attention to the details and not take it all too seriously. What we love about this "brand with soul" is seeing it resonate with people in all different ways and how they share that with us. 

    Our owner and designer Stephanie Taormina gets countless emails, notes, texts and pics of people sharing their HSFT experience. We've heard from people struggling with health issues to people taking that "bucket-list" trip of a lifetime. We've heard from college kids and preschoolers, to moms to grandmas. Everyone has their own take on HSFT and that's the beauty of it. 


    Have Some Fun Today, Baby

    Each note or card, email or text drives home the same point and something we know to be true. We're connected as much by what makes us different as what makes us the same. We're all movers and shakers, designers, artists, writers, thinkers, and glass ceiling breakers. 

    Whatever it is, it's proved to be powerful and palpable. And a little bit magical. HSFT has become it's own thing and has a different meaning for everyone. A company that was born from the legacy of a late father's mantra, Have Some Fun Today. You don't get much more soulful than that. 


    Membership Is NOT Required 

    It's not an exclusive VIP club or a "Members Only" kind-of-a-thing. Yes, we love seeing celebs donning our cool statement tees, hats and luxe totes but only because it spreads the message and shares our mindset. And the message is free. Have Some Fun Today. It's a shift in how we live, how we think and what possibilities we open up to, and you don't have to be famous to figure that out.




    Written and contributed by Rebecca Doubek who loves the HSFT vibe....

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  • How A Tee Shirt Can Change Your Life

    It's Not Just a Tee Shirt, It's An Attitude

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We're not just making fabulous tee shirts, we're living a philosophy and ideology at HSFT. What could you do if you broke free of what you were supposed to do and did what you wanted to do? What would it mean to live life boldly and without fear? When you Have Some Fun Today, you never know what you're going to find around the corner, who you're going to meet, or what unexpected gifts the universe will bring to you. Yeah, it's a pretty fabulous t-shirt, but you when you embrace HSFT, you shift your thinking. It's like opening up a pathway to seeing the world differently and when you do that, you'll be amazed at all the things you were missing. We think that's pretty damn good for a t-shirt. Cultivate happiness. Live. Love. Wear. Share. And please, Have Some Fun Today. 

    Get This HSFT Look

    It's all about attitude. Style our luxe HSFT t-shirts to reflect whatever your mood. Dress them up or dress them down, the possibilities are endless! Pairing our luxe tees with high impact pieces like bold jackets, blazers or textured skirts gives you a closet full of options beyond your black jeans. Today, we're feeling the fall vibe, mixing our Original Have Some Fun Today tee shirt in Serif Graphic with the flirty school girl Chanel-style skirt, and the "statement piece" black leather motorcycle jacket. Add black ankle booties and the Chanel classic quilted Maxi-flap bag and you've got the perfect combination of classic and edgy for a fabulous, fun look. 



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