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    Gut. Intuition. Trust. Faith. It’s “that” feeling. We all have that feeling, when we know something isn’t right, or is soooo right. But too often, we get caught up in the external. And somehow manage to talk ourselves right out of “that feeling.”

    Feelings And More Feelings 

    What does it mean to follow your gut? It’s a literal interpretation these days, as we are learning so much about how our gut health and our bacterial make-up is “the brain” of our body, regulating and controlling many of our physical, emotional and mental reactions.

    Our gut feeling is what I like to think of as my map. Writer and philosopher Yung Pueblo calls it our “guiding compass” and believes we are all old souls who truly know what we want and need. It’s just being able to listen to and trust in it that is often the hardest.

    The Stillness And The Quiet  

    I don’t do a very good job with this. It’s taken me lots of practice and reflection to connect to this part of me. I lived for many years trying to ignore it. Filling it up with another shopping trip or lovely vacation. Avoiding the quiet and the stillness where that little voice would creep up on me and ask the questions I didn’t want to answer, let alone even hear.

    I’m now at a place in my life where I am free-falling into exploring myself and not only listening to that gut feeling, but cultivating time and space in my life to hear it. For many years, I’ve used of used Rune Stones as a morning ritual to help set a space and intention for my day. I listen to the signs and signals my body and my mind are sending me and read the rocks as a way to set intentions and awareness for my day.

     Just Listen 

    Our body and mind has incredibly useful information if you just listen to yourself. Our truth is living inside each of us and when we can harness the energy of that “guiding compass”, it leads us to true happiness and joy. That's what Have Some Fun Today means to me. 

    Trust yourself. Trust the process and trust your gut. Never mind the obstacles that may seem like they are in your way, they are there to teach you something. Be your own guide and open up to everything possible when you do.




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