• It's time to pack up the bikinis and the flatform sandals! But your HSFT Luxe Tote is the workhorse of your fall wardrobe. Switch out your sunscreen for your fall scarf and your good to go. And Good News, free shipping this weekend on any order over $60! (good 9/22-9/24/17)


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY-  At HSFT, we're all about the vibe of change and something new. It's days away from the start of Autumn, the third season of the year, and we're easing out of the carefree days of summer. We're feeling the energetic shift that comes with the shorter days and colder temps.

    It's NOT All About The Pumpkin Spice 

    There is a tangible change that comes with Fall and it's not just back on the menu at Starbucks. Traditional Chinese Medicine states that the season of fall is associated with the element of metal. Metal governs organization, order, communication, setting boundaries and limits, the mind, and letting go. And that's pretty cool, if you think about it.

    The shift in energy prepares us for the coming days of winter, when our body is more sedentary and our energy naturally slows. Even if you're not packing lunches and doing the car pool lane, those yellow buses and lines of kids at the corner each September give us the sense of starting again. 

    Life Lessons From an Acorn

    An acorn holds a single seed and when it falls to the ground, it has the power to become a tree. That's some serious potential! What do we have the power to do when we let go? 

    It's the perfect time of year for a "letting go" and for real change. Whether it's your closet or your personal life, letting go is always a re-set that makes room for new possibility. And that is what Fall is all about. 

    We Love A Girl In A Hat

    That's kind of what we love about this season. At HSFT, we're all about making space and growing and shifting, with new designs and new products. Change brings inspiration.

    Our latest inspiration? HSFT designer and founder Stephanie Taormina is introducing a new cashmere beanie HSFT this winter. (Available December 2017) "I love elevating the HSFT experience," Steph says of the new luxury hat. The decadence of cashmere with the practicality of a winter beanie for warmth, it's the perfect combination of chic style and necessity. 

    Let's Get Deep Over a Falling Leaf 

    Leaves begin to fall, air is cool and crisp, autumn is upon us.  What if we took a cue from Mother Nature and looked at our lives like that?  As the season shifts and gives pause to winter, we too can catch a breath, put away the sunscreen and beach towels and reflect on what's next. All that from fall foliage. 

    Autumn is All About Have Some Fun Today 

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY was founded on the very principles of honoring life, taking a chance and living life to the fullest. Letting go and shifting with the season of Fall means we're open to what's next. And when you're open to what is next, you're bound to Have Some Fun Today!

    Our totes, hats and tees are awesome but what we're really about is a philosophy and way of life. Welcome to Fall... Peace, love and acorns. 


     Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek...

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