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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Ahhhhh, lovelies.... It's a season for change and re-birth. For rain showers and wind storms, maybe even a snow. Things are growing and changing all around us. Nature often gives us the perfect road map for what we need in our own lives. Just take a peek outside and you'll know it's time for opening windows, sweeping out the dust from the winter and shifting into the energy of a new season.

    We're being awakened out of the dormancy of winter and into the potential for new growth, just like those buds bursting out on tree branches and flowers that stubbornly push through the soil. Clocks move forward to give us more sunshine, temperatures fluctuate from highs to lows. 

    We're shifting, too. The energy of this season is powerful! Our bodies and minds feel it long before we've put away our winter sweaters. 

    1) Spring Into Action

    Spring is a time for making choices and putting them into action. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the quiet of the winter is a time to dream and imagine ideas and reflections. Spring it's time to watch them come to life, leaping forth like blossoms and leaves. It's the perfect time to start new projects and see where they go. Feeling its time for a new job change? Start looking. Got a new idea for a home project? Perfect, grab a hammer. It's a time of renewal and change.

    2) Get Yourself Outside

    Winter gives us pause and for those of us who have the cold of a winter, it's a cue to slow the body down. Our metabolism naturally slows, we spend more time indoors. Spring brings us warmer temps, and the energetic buzz of things growing and shifting gives us that skin tingling "spring fever". Take your workout outside. Take a walk after dinner, with the extra hours from Daylight Savings. Grab a bike ride on a weekend afternoon. Getting the chi or life energy of our bodies moving and flowing is the equivalent of an internal spring cleaning, so get your move on!

    3) Clean Your Space

    This tradition of Spring is still something many of us who like to get the winter dust bunnies moving on out for a clean and fresh re-set in our homes. Spring Cleaning is  very ceremonial and ritualistic in many cultures, whether for religious holidays or the start of a "new year". It's thought that sweeping out the dirt and dust removes bad luck and helps "sweep" in good luck for the year ahead. It's also thought to trace back to a time when fireplaces would have been burning all winter long as the main heat source for our homes, so removing the soot and the ash was necessary each winter's end. 

    Whatever the reason, cleaning out your living space makes literal space for new things. Space makes way for new energy and new ideas this is thought to increase the flow of energy in your home. In Feng Shui, it is believed that cleaning under things, dusting, vacuuming, etc opens up the flow of energy. Get the vacuum or call Merry Maids, but bring in the season with a deep clean for a fresh start. 

    4) Think Green

    The color of green is synonymous with Spring. Infuse your life with a little green, whether it's a fabulous new handbag, shoes, or a pop of color in a pillow you toss on the couch. Take it to another level and bring in fresh flowers, potted plants, even branches from budding trees and surround yourself with the color of the season. Green is the color of life, energy, renewal and harmony. It's also restful and relaxing, so think green!

     5) Have Some Fun Today 

    The energy of the spring is infectious. Things are growing and energy is pushing up through the earth and pulsing through branches and stems. It's a palpable and gorgeous time of year. Take time to literally stop and smell the air around you. Have Some Fun Today! Find the beautiful in what may seem like the everyday and the mundane. Make it a choice to HSFT and change the way you see the world.


    Happy Spring!



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who loves the color green....


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  • Get into some Holiday Spirit... Our HSFT flat accessory clutch  is the perfect accessory for your holiday party attire and the perfect reminder to Have Some Fun Today.


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We are all about seeing the beauty in the everyday here at HSFT, it's our Golden Rule. And while we love this time of year, for all its sparkle and magic, it can get a little overwhelming and stressful. We spend more than usual, eat and drink more than usual, we deck the halls, and fa-la-la-la. We travel to be with loved ones or open our homes to those we love. We wrap, we shop, some of us bake, and we all give gifts. It's a lot.

    So in honor of our mantra, Have Some Fun Today, let's remember to take this Holiday Season one day at a time. Let's enjoy the lights and the music, the trees and the tinsel. We can HSFT our way through the holidays and be better for it in the New Year. Here's a few tips to make your days be Merry and Bright. 

    1) Breathe

    Did you know that focused and concentrated breathing can calm you down, remove physical stress from the body and lower your heart rate? Our physical and emotional well being is directly tied to our breath. Try this. Count on your inhale and try to make your exhale the same count. And when the UPS guy tells you they've lost your delivery for the holidays, just keep breathing.

    2) Move Your Body

    Your gonna have the eggnog at Aunt Sally's and maybe the pumpkin pie after dinner. It's tradition! But don't let your exercise routine go by the way side because you're inundated with the holidays. It keeps you strong and gives you stamina for all that late night wrapping. And keeps you fitting into that adorbs leather skirt you asked Santa to bring you. 

    3) Make Time For Good Friends

    Sometimes our holidays are filled with obligations. Not that we don't love Aunt Sally's on Christmas Eve or catching up with co-workers at the annual holiday party. You've got your squad and your go-to posse; the people that make you laugh, accept you exactly as you are, and always have your back. Yeah, those people. Make it a point to connect with them and have your own holiday celebration. 

    4) Life hacks. Use them.

    We strive to be perfect sometimes in the most unrealistic of ways, especially at the holidays. But sometimes there is a much easier and/or quicker way to do it. No, you do not have to make the piecrust from scratch, there is pre-made. No, you don't have to hand seal every Holiday card with a monogram wax seal. And yes, it's okay if you order Chinese on Christmas night and forgo the turkey dinner. Something has to give sometimes, just be okay with it. Roll with it. And see tip #1.

    5) Let It Go

    You know that annoying Disney song about the Ice Princess? Sing it at the top of your lungs every time you wanna freak out, like when you didn't get the last "cool toy" on the shelf for your kid or your cousin's weird boyfriend won't stop talking about his spiritual awakening into the fifth dimension at the annual caroling party. Remember, it's just the holidays. And the cold never bothered you anyway... 

    6) Treat Yo Self

    Do not underestimate the power of the "To me, From me" gift. You deserve a little something, too. (Have you seen our signature crown rose gold layering necklace! You're generous and kind to those all you love. Be kind to you. Go ahead, Santa would want you to.

    7) Eat, Drink and Be HSFT

    We like to say "Life is what you make it, so make it FUN" at HSFT. And it's true. It's the holidays, so be joyful! Be grateful for all you have. Smile. Put on something that sparkles and makes you feel good. (Our HSFT luxe tees pair nicely with sequins) Clink your glass. Stand under the mistletoe. And HAVE SOME FUN TODAY. Once today is gone, it's never coming back, so live it with some zest and zing. Happy Holidays!




    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca J Doubek who loves anything with sparkles.  

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