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  • Have Some Fun Tonight - It's a Full Moon tonight, baby! What kind of fun can you scare up tonight? (pictured, HSFT slouchy gold metallic tank)



    Get Ready for the Moon Mojo 

    We love good vibrations at Have Some Fun Today, it's what our brand is all about. So, tonight's sky will bring an intensely bright and big full moon, full of energies and rejuvenation.  Sitting low on the horizon as it ascends, it's lunar mojo will carry a powerful punch. It will look ginormous and it may feel it, too. 

    It's a scientific fact the earth is sitting directly between the sun and moon when we have a full moon. The moon harnesses the power of water and pulls the tides and in out. Our bodies are 70% water so many believe the almighty moon has a powerful pull on us, too! Often called a "Harvest Moon"  because it's thought that farmer's used the extra light in the dark sky to pull in the crops, what can you accomplish tonight in the intensely bright moonlight?

    Lunar energies are thought to be very powerful and healing, so get your moon shoes on and be prepared to step out into the beauty and the magic. It will be bold and beautiful but it's also bound to create a little drama. That Fall full moon is full of magic, baby! 

    Here's our Lunar guide with 11 tips, facts and need-to-knows to make the most of your Harvest Moon. 

    1) Aries Is A Badass

    Not to get too heady about it, but the full moon of October is an Aries moon and apparently that is some powerful shit. Aries is all about clearing out the obstacles and making way for change and connecting to our badass selves. 

    2) What's it All Mean?

    The Full Moon in October means abundance, harvest, wish-fulfillment, manifesting desires, sexuality, achieving all dreams, and protection.

    3) To the Moon!

    Celebrate the Harvest Moon with a Pumpkin Pie Martini - Because it's Autumn and it's a fall moon and why not? Remember, the full moon in Aries means it's all about you, so make that toast to your badass self. Cheers!

    4) Soak it Up 

    The Harvest Moon is thought to have an intense energy so many lunar spirit junkies will place their rocks, stones, crystals, mala beads or Runes rocks outside to soak up the moon mojo. The Energy is thought to cleanse them and be absorbed for some positive vibes.

    5) Take it Easy 

    The energy of a full moon can cause a frenetic, cosmic buzz. We've all heard the phrase, "It must be a Full Moon!" when something is particularly whacked. This Harvest Moon is no exception. The October full moon will only amplify feelings, emotions and intensify situations, so practice calmness and be chill. It will all look different in the morning.

    6) Meditate in the Moonlight 

    Want to align your chakras, calm your spirit, or rejuvenate your mojo? Sit in the full moonlight and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale the vibrations that are powerful enough to move the tides of the oceans. Breathe in the moon!

    7) Burn Baby, Burn  

    Believe it or not, it's good time to burn shit. Literally and figuratively. Letting go of an old relationship? Moving on from a bad work experience? Aries is the fire sign and burning things can be quite healing under this full moon. Take it outside under the moonlight and find a clearing or safe spot. Let your barbecue grill or your fire pit be the place where you watch flames engulf a letter to your ex or the business card from your old job. Fire is cleansing and it makes way for the new. You never know, a phoenix may rise from the ash, so get some matches...

    8) Express Yourself

    Apparently all this Aries full moon vibe draws out our self expression and our most fiery passions. Our deepest soul expressions are thought to come alive under an Aries full moon. What better reason to get out a canvas and a paint brush, color, draw, write, make music. Create! The moon is your muse....

    9) Have Some Fun Tonight

    Is their magic in the moonlight? As it shines brightly on the horizon and stays long in our night sky tonight, we'll let you decide. But it's a pretty good reason to open up to the possibility of "What if..." and "Maybe I'll..." as we consider the magic of the moon. And being open to possibility and magic is pretty much what Have Some Fun Today is all about. Maybe a glance at that big ol' moon tonight will remind you of that.... 

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek

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