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The HSFT Mug
The HSFT Mug
The Muscle Tank - Serif Graphic
The Muscle Tank - Serif Graphic
The Original Crop Tank
The Original Crop Tank
Garment Dyed Vintage Fleece
Garment Dyed Vintage Fleece
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Garment Dyed Fleece
Garment Dyed Fleece
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The Black Slouchy Tank
The Black Slouchy Tank
The Women's Tank
The Women's Tank



  • Our new Have Some Fun Today leggings are the perfect fit for anyone on your list this year!


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - It's beginning to look a lot like the holidays...sparkle and lights and all the glitz of the season. It's a pretty good reason to be happy and HSFT. Those four little words on our clothes and chic accessories are the vehicle for spreading energy and positivity. And don't we need more of that in the world? That's how we roll with Peace on Earth.

    It's The Season Of Giving FUN

    In the interest of sharing the love and spreading our message, we're all about giving the gift of HSFT this holiday season. It's the perfect time of year to shop for clever gifts and one-of-a-kind items for everyone on your list. Our customer fav and best seller  Limited Edition Embroidered HSFT Hoodie sported by Kate Hudson this fall, is the perfect way to give FUN. We seriously can't keep it in stock, but don't worry, it's currently freshly re-stocked and available now. 

    Our HSFT gifts have so many options for even for the "hard-to-buy-for" on your list. Our gift line has the perfect combination of fabulous and practical. 

    "When we designed our gift line, we kept in mind things we love to share and use ourselves," says founder Stephanie Taormina. "Like the umbrella, stationary, cashmere beanie, and crown necklace. And the utilitarian items, too. The water bottle and luggage tags, the every day items are such a great gift and cool way to share our HSFT vibe."

    The Gift Of Being Your Best Self

    We believe in caring and nurturing the body, mind and spirit. Daily meditation, proper nutrition and exercise are a key part of keeping us in the HSFT state of mind. We're all about hitting the gym or pilates in our HSFT leggings and HSFT sports bra. Perfect for the gym rat on your list. 

    Give A Gift That Matters

    Maybe it's simple and clichè, but we think you can share positivity and promote change with a t-shirt, a tote, or an umbrella. Give the gift of FUN and HSFT and help us change the mindset of world with a tee shirt, or any of our other goodies! Check out our online shop at HSFT

    Live. Love. Wear. Share. Spread the word and the Love. 



    Written and contributed by HSFT blogger and writer Rebecca Doubek who loves her black slouchy HSFT tank. 

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  • Our black woven HSFT bracelet and new HSFT patches are the coolest way to remember to get out there and Have Some Fun today...

    From You, To You

    We believe in falling love. Over and over again, with ourselves. The most important person in the world you can love is YOU. You can't give love or receive it if you don't have it for yourself. So why not have a Spring Fling, with yourself! Start by treating you to a few "necessities" for 

    There are so many reasons a little a "From you, To you" gift is so  important. It's crucial to give ourselves a little love and attention, especially because women tend to focus on filling everyone else up first. We are hard-wired for this nurturing stuff but not when it comes to our selves. When we fill ourselves up first, we have more true happiness and joy to give those we love. A "Happy you" is way more fabulous than unhappy-you. And we've got 5 Fabulous goodies from our HSFT Gift Line that will put a Spring in your step and a smile on your face. 

    1. Crown necklace and earrings

    Be your own damn princess. Forget waiting for someone to give you a crown to make you the ruler of their kingdom. Rose gold is still having a moment in fashion these days, so why not doing the party. We're crushing on this delicate rose gold crown necklace, great for layering. And the rose gold crown earrings are the perfect compliment. Hey, it's your kingdom, just make sure to fill it with love, kindness and FUN. 

    2. Votive Candle Gift Set

    You've heard it before, relax and restore. Meditate to motivate. Set the mood or just shed a little light on the situation, but our HSFT votive candle set is ready for any vibe. The glass votive holders with the three candles feature our signature crown, "Have Some Fun Today" and "Have Some Fun Tonight" on each. They also come in a chic black gift box so it's the perfect gift to keep on hand when you want to spread the love. 

    3. HSFT Woven Bracelet 

    Now this is what we call arm candy. Think of our HSFT black woven bracelet as a really chic and fabulous way to remind you to Have Some Fun Today and way cuter than a rubber band. Our woven bracelet with gold HSFT lettering is the perfect compliment to any wardrobe and is ideal as a stand alone or awesome when paired with any other bangles and bracelets your layering up. 

    4. HSFT Water Bottle

    Wanna know the number one beauty secret? Drink more water. And the second? Drink even more water! Staying hydrated is key for wellness and that natural glow. It feeds our skin and flushes out all that bad stuff we don't need. You keep your cell phone with you all the time, why not your water bottle? Our HSFT water bottle is chic and portable with a spillproof lid, so it's easy to BYO-water bottle!

    5. Crown Accessory Pouch

    If you're a girl-on-the-go, you know it's key to keep things stashed neatly in their place. We love our crown canvas zip pouches for storing all of our bits and baubles. Perfect for the purse and even better for those adventurous spring and summer getaways when storage is a must. Pouches are embossed with our signature HSFT crown in orange, hot pink or turquoise and matching zipper.


    Remember that the most loving thing you can do for anyone in your life is love yourself. You are the best version of you when YOU is happy! Happiness and Love is always worth sharing. So, come on lovelies, share your vibe, it's the best gift you can give. Live. Love. Wear. Share. 


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who believes in love...

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