HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - How do you "HSFT"? Having FUN is something different for everyone and it can change every day. Some days having some FUN might be doing nothing at all; soaking in the stillness and quiet of a moment. Other days it might be traveling to a new place, partaking in the culture, seeing sites and getting inspired by a new locale. 

    Our founder, CEO and HSFT designer Stephanie Taormina loves to immerse herself in art and the art culture of a new landscape. She finds inspiration and creativity in these places and cultivates these new experiences for her painting, design work and for her HSFT brand.

    Oh The Places You'll Go...

    Steph shares a page from her "Travel Log" on a recent trip to LA and how she finds ways to HSFT, wherever she is....

    "Thoughts on HSFT - Work or play, I always combine the mindset that "Vision is Knowledge". This helps me put perspective on contemporary culture and inspires me to see things with a totally different perspective."

    Day 2

    "In LA to do an interior design project for Vaporous Technologies. Carving out time for LA culture :

    "Visited The Broad, a new LA contemporary museum in downtown Los Angeles  and right across the street from the contemporary architectural masterpiece, Disney Concert Hall - designed by Frank Gehry.Seeing new art always broadens my vision, not just of fashion, but of world culture."

    "We also took a trip to the Getty Center. Designed by Richard Meir, it has the most spectacular gardens and outdoor sculpture, with breathtaking views. This is my way to HSFT..." - XO, Stephanie 

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