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  • Let’s check in!
    Ok - so where are we as we enter March? Almost through the winter, and gearing up for spring which means a lot of new energy is about to happen.
    The big question is have you been doing the work to be ready for some fun?
    I’m gonna lay my stuff out here again. I never intended to be a guinea pig for self evolution, but if it helps one person see a path for themselves then I’m ok sharing my crazy world.
    Here goes... again:)
    Health: honest truth is that I had been pretty good with tweaking some eating patterns. The intermittent fasting can be a challenge, but as a person ages we have to do things differently to get results. No snacking after 8 has helped me adjust to erratic eating patterns while I am traveling. Believe me we all have our vices and I fall off the wagon and make popcorn cooked in oil in my weak moments, but I have cut it out almost 80% of the time which is huge for me.

     The tried and true simple diet of protein, veggies, a little fruit and lots of water as  staples is the easiest way to stay on track even if you travel quite a bit. You can add in some carbs as you see fit.. a little bit of bread here and there or some pasta once in a while won't kill you and will keep you feeling like you are not completely depriving yourself. 

    Enough about food.. onto supplements. I am always one for trying something new in the way of supplements. I recently started taking higher doses of marine hydrolyzed collagen from a company called Taut. As we age we lose our collagen which contributes to saggy dull skin. Collagen products are all over the anti-aging market and its really hard to tell what works but as soon as I complete a 21 day cycle I'll gladly share what I think of this formula.

    For me, my health is a worthwhile investment in my future and it is through investing in myself, and my everyday habits that I create the space to enjoy life to its fullest and have more fun

     I can compare taking care of myself like tending to a garden. You plant the seeds, nurture them with water and nutrients and they grow. You have to do some weeding, but over time the soil becomes more fertile and you become an expert on what makes your garden grow.

    So here you are and you"re reading this and possibly thinking that it's too late for you to start doing all this stuff. It seems overwhelming to someone who hasn't had the time or inclination to take care of themselves. But it isn't.

    It is never too late to start anything if you want it badly enough and that is what this blog is all about. So whether you've been keeping up with your "garden" or if you are just deciding now to start either way is a win.

    Let's say that if you've never started before, this week is your new beginning. Forget the New Years' resolutions and start a spring resolution. Find one hour this week to work on something you have been dreaming of for yourself. Google some ideas, get a little inspired.

    Lets go a little farther now. What would you do if you were going to improve one thing in your life this month? Would you decide to eat better? Would you decide to start to do yoga once a week? Would you decide to wake up early and go for a run?
    Let’s pick one thing this month and do that for 30 days. Eat better, go to sleep earlier, wake earlier, speak positively about yourself and others, read a book about something you want to try in your life, sweat once a day; I could go on and on but the bottom line is lets find one thing you can do this month and make that happen.

    To help give you the courage or the inspiration or whatever else you want to call it shop our collection and pick up some wearable inspiration for 35% off with the code: Nevertoolate 

    Use the code at checkout and please share in the comments below what you did for your one thing this month with the hashtag #nevertoolate or #firststeps 

    Love & Light,


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  • Enjoying the ride so far in 2019! I am off to a good start with all the things I said I would be working on and that is huge!

    It is hard to stay focused when you have a lot going on. No matter where you are on your journey, I understand the challenge of doing what you say you're gonna do.

    So lets talk dirty.....and I'll tell you what I've been up to for the past month in all the areas of my to-do list!

    Health: I am making strides with fitness and strength. Doing 30 minutes of cardio; up from my 15 minutes pre-surgery. This can be anything from doing an elyptical machine at the gym, to walking or a circuit that involves jumping rope and burpees.I am making a point of doing something every single day even if I have to make a little circuit in my house of stairs, sit -ups, squats, etc. The point is to do something everyday. Even with strength, I am taking a cue from everything I see on instagram where they are showing combined movements with weights and stretching. I do believe this is a way to tone and strengthen your body in ways machines and traditional exercise routines can't.

    Nutrition: For me my nutrition is pretty good, so thats why I'm ready to ramp it up a little farther with reducing my carb intake and doing intermittent fasting. I've just started doing this a couple days ago and I'm psyched to see what the difference will make over a couple weeks time.  I believe with fitness and nutrition you need to start slow and tweak your program every so often so that your body doesnt get too used to it. Its good to shock your system to see new results. I'm only eating low carb, high protein, highly nutritious veggies for the time being. I also love to drink probiotic teas to cleanse my system.

    Beauty Routine: I am a self confirmed beauty junkie. I love masks, creams, oils and serums. My latest addiction is the Hanacure system. I use their lifting mask once a week and actually have so many people tell me how great my skin looks! On top of that I am loving another new product that you leave on through the night. It's a mask by a company out of CA called Youth to the People. I also started to do light therapy 3-4 times a week at 10 minute intervals with a LED Photon mask. I like the red light for rejuvination and collagen stimulation for my face and neck. Really loving the glow my skin is getting from those new additions to my routine.

    Family : This one is always a work in progress. As you know I have two daughters in college. My oldest Allegra will be graduating from Penn State University this spring, so she will be the first one to "leave the nest".  I am supporting and encouraging her job interview process at this time. The rest will follow; but the best gift you can give your children is ownership of their lives. The more you own your own life and make them accountable for their choices as young adults, the more they will own their lives. This summer we are working towards Allegra establishing herself in a city where she takes a job. While Gabi my younger daughter will be staying in Manhattan to do an industry internship while I prepare for my move to CA.

    Relationships: Well, January has been an interesting month. I have been having a blast by reminding myself to stay in the now and enjoy what comes and not worry about whats not coming. I love meeting interesting people from all over the world. I am not one to shut a door just because someone is in another town, state or country. To me life is filled with amazing possibilities. There will be time in my future to see who comes, who leaves and who stays. I am flowing:)

    So that's my February check in after starting on my personal 2019 to do list...! I hope you also have started your 2019 journey and made some changes. It's what you do today that changes your tomorrow.

    Love & Light,


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