HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Style. The dictionary defines it as "a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed."

    How are you distinctive? Do you dress or pull together a look for yourself based on what looks good on you? Or is it more just what is comfortable? Or easy? 

    Your look style is your vibe. And it's distinctly you. There's not another one like you and so what you do with your exterior is the impression you put out into the world. Studies show that we make judgements and assessments of each other based on these impressions. Our clothes and our general appearance have a lot to do with that. 

    Too often, personal style becomes a thing of the past and for various reasons, we abandon having our own look or caring about our appearance. When our bodies change shape or when we change the course of our life, our clothes and our style changes, too. But many of us opt out of even trying to have style, overloaded by trends or a limited budget, we give up. We reach for cookie cutter or nondescript rather than inspiring and distinct. 

    Style is something unique to you. Only you can rock a look the way you can, because well, it's YOU! There's never going to be another one. So if you've lost your sense of style, find it. Or maybe it's time to change it.

    Here's a few tips on how to keep it stylish...

    1) Fit Is Everything  

    We're all too aware that we're not built the same and that's clear when we torture ourselves with a dressing room and an armful of clothes that are misshapen or make us cringe. Paying more money for something doesn't mean it's going to fit you. That said, if you're shopping the sale rack or for the bargains, make sure it's worth it, even at a cheaper price. The right fit might even mean going up in size but the number doesn't matter, how it looks on your body does. Your best friend in this effort should be a local tailor. Most local dry cleaners usually have one on staff. They can hem, nip and tuck until your clothes are made to fit you. 

    2) Know Your Body

    It's not always the size that matters, it's knowing what looks good on you. Green is your color? V-neck is more flattering on you? You know when certain cuts or colors are better on your body or just not right. Your closet should be full of clothes and accessories you love to wear and that "wear you".

    3) Mix and Match

    People with flawless and impeccable style are people that know how to embrace a trend when it suits them and buck a trend if it's not for them. They combine a trend with a classic or a vintage piece with a modern look. Or maybe it's a shirt from Target with a designer wide-leg jean. Preppy and bohemian? Classic and retro fabulous? That's how you develop style.

    4) Skip A Trend 

    Maybe the Pantone Color of the Year is just not your vibe, as in it washes you out and generally looks awful on you. Maybe the high waisted jean just looks silly on your petite frame. Or maybe the flatform sandal is just not a trend you're into. It's okay to say, "No thank you" to the hot new look because it's just not you. 

    5) Pull It Together

    Regardless of what you wear, take a little time to care. Give yourself a few extra minutes to create a look, or press a shirt. Too often we opt for what's easy or most comfortable or maybe what seems safe. A few great accessories, and an effort at pulling together your style will show, no matter what your wearing. 

    6) Be You 

    If you don't know your "style" or what looks good on you, start from the beginning. Take a friend and hit that dreaded dressing room. Ask for honest opinions, like "Does this look good on me?" or "Can I pull this off?" And pick things that make you happy. That you'll want to wear or that seem like an expression of you. Creating your own style is about having the confidence to wear what you choose, because it's uniquely you. 

    7) Have Some Fun Today

    Yes, we say it all day and everyday, but having style is about having FUN! When you step into your confidence and your best self, that is when the fun starts. That's the embodiment of Have Some Fun Today. When you decide to look through the rose colored glasses just a little longer and find the spark in the otherwise dreary day, that's FUN. Your clothes and accessories should be an expression of that, in the smallest or biggest of ways. Can't wear the faux hawk to work? Opt for a funky bag (Like our HSFT Luxe tote!) or cool lipstick? Work in your style anyway you can, because after all, it's YOU. The world only gets one.... 





    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who loves style....


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