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  • Color Your World 

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY -It's a great big, beautiful world out there! Why not add a little color to your to it? At HSFT, we love beautiful things. And beauty is in the details and in the colors of life, everywhere. Just look around you. Breathe in the air, drink in the beauty of a simple moment and let yourself be inspired by what you see. Color sparks an immediate response when we see it; mentally, physically, emotionally. We can use color to calm and soothe or to entice and arouse. 

    Fall Into The Wild Blue Yonder 

    Today's color inspiration is blue. Ocean blue and sky blue. Just like the electric blue of our Limited Edition Have Some Fun Today muscle tank. We borrowed a little from the sky and a little from the sea for this beautiful blue. And this color is fabulous on everyone.
    Like the sky above or the infinite ocean, we love getting lost in the deep blue. If you're not lucky enough to be staring at an ocean laid out before you then look up. A sky offers lots of variations of blue depending on the weather but we love a blue that's so bright it makes us squint. 

    So Blue For You 

    Blue is associated with feeling calm and serene. It is one of the most popular colors and people describe feeling tranquil around the color blue. One such article about the psychology of color says that blue is thought to invoke a feeling of stability and reliability which makes it a popular choice for companies that often use it in marketing materials, logos and company branding. 

    Baby You Look Good in Blue

    So what happens when you wear blue? A Huffpost article says, wear blue when you want to convey "...power, have mental control, be conservative, respected or communicate an important message." We think that's kind of fitting, given our electric blue tank is emblazoned with our brand mantra, Have Some Fun Today. And we think that's a pretty important message. Win-win that it happens to be on the perfect shade of blue. 

    Blue Is Good For You 

    Blues are thought to be healing for the mind and body. The color's calming affect lowers our stress level and puts us at ease. It's known to lower our pulse rate and our body temperature. It's relaxing and peaceful to be around the color blue. It's no wonder we could stare at the ocean blue all day. 
    Paint a wall, pick a blue comforter for your bed, or grab a beautiful blue t-shirt. Better yet, get to the ocean or a lake. And fall into the beauty of blue. 

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who drives a blue car...

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