• HAVE SOME FUN TODAY -  We all need inspiration. Creating inspirational spaces in your home that can be designed to met the needs of your life is the perfect balance of form and function. Today on our new vlog HSFT episode, HSFT Founder and CEO Stephanie Taormina visits some places in New York City that give her inspiration. As a designer of both interior space and fashion, she looks to fine art, architecture and even fabric to spark her creativity. Color and texture, simple or intricate design.  

    Stephanie believes in making your living space an inspiring place to be. It's easy to refresh and revive the places you spend most of your time with a few simple changes and additions. Start with your living room. Pillows are a simple way to have an immediate impact. Our HAVE SOME FUN TODAY luxe message pillow is bold and graphic and fun reminder to seize the day! We love it paired with other patterned and textured pillows on a crisp white couch in the living room. 

    As an fashion designer, Stephanie's creativity has brought to life our HSFT luxe tees, totes, and other goodies as part of her vision for the brand. She believes in classic, clean lines and decadent comfort. She loves a bold graphic pattern and mixing textures. 

    "Texture is a great way to refresh a space. Layering a faux animal hide rug over a main focal area in the room creates a chic effect that works with traditional to modern interiors," Steph says. She also recommends replacing a coffee table with a natural textured ottoman, in a fresh neutral upholstered linen, and accenting with a cool tray, like the ones you can find from your local Homegoods. "It's easy to add accessories like a great looking candle, an orchid from the grocery store, and a pretty coffee table book." Instant transformation!

    Inspiration is all around us, if we look hard enough. Creating spaces in your home that spark a sensory experience or perfectly meets our demands and needs is a sanctuary we always retreat to. What inspires you? 

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek

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  • HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - You know that innate feeling you get that if you push a little harder or dig a little deeper, you just know you're going to do "it"? "It" could be nailing that interview, or pushing that extra mile during your morning run or sealing up that job promotion. You've worked hard. You know it's going to happen. You're determined and fierce. That is powerful stuff. And that is powerful enough to propel a rocket into space, launch big ideas into bigger realities, and help inspire one woman to start a "mindset" brand in a small town of PA. 

    Show 'Em What You're Made Of 

    It's grit, and guts and tenacity. And that, we know, is one of the biggest influential factors in succeeding at anything. A recent article in Inc. magazine, "How Grit and Determination Exceed Talent and Intelligence Every Time" exposes the idea that working hard and being persistent are powerful forces in our success. 

    Have Some Fun Today was started on those same principles of grit and determination. HFST Founder Stephanie Rado Taormina is a do-it-all kind of entrepreneur. She's set her sights on being a global brand. A global "mindset" brand with a positive message and a community who follows. 

    "No matter what success means to the individual, studies actually show that those who exhibit more "grit" and persistence have a better chance of reaching milestones and exceeding personal goals. And guess what? Grit, like many other competencies, is something that can be developed with practice."  -Brent Gleeson, Inc Magazine

    One Brick At A Time 

    It's not always easy being a one-woman-show. On any given day, she's packing up her car with HSFT gear for an event, looking over the books, writing checks, implementing new designs, checking emails, creating looks for her social media accounts, and hand-packing orders from her website. She often squeezes all that in before noon. Sometimes it's overwhelming. And she's the first to admit, it doesn't always all get done. 

    "A lot of stuff falls through the cracks, because it's just me," Stephanie says in the upcoming YouTube episode of HSFT: Building a Brand With Soul. In this episode, we see her spending a much-needed afternoon in her PA studio, getting caught up with the many tasks required to run a company. 

    It's All About The Details

    She still sees clients with her interior design business, is a single mom raising two daughters, and tries to find time to work out and keep healthy. She likes keeping her hand in all details of HSFT, big or small, because after all, it is her vision. And it's a vision she fiercely protects as she builds her brand. 

    "I actually write a little thank you note on most of the orders....," Stephanie says in the upcoming vlog. "....I really try to add a personal touch to everything that we do, to make people feel special for buying Have Some Fun Today."

    Catch Episode 5 of HSFT: Building A Brand With Soul - "A Day in The Studio" on HSFT's YouTube Channel tomorrow! 


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca J Doubek

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    Have Some Fun Today founder Stephanie Taormina with daughters Allegra and Gabi. 


    They call me Mom 

    I cried behind my sunglasses today as I put my 5-year-old on the bus to her first day of kindergarten. Yesterday, my 13-year-old daughter started 8th grade and my stepdaughter heads to 10th grade next week. They are distinctly different girls all in very different places in life. It is sometimes a struggle to meet each of them right where they are and give them what they need. 

    HSFT founder Stephanie Taormina is also a mom, raising two beautiful girls, in addition to her many other roles like entrepreneur, artist and interior designer. She packed up her oldest for her second year of college just last week and her youngest just started her senior year of high school. 

    It's a Girl's World 

    The milestones of our girls lives upon us, Steph and I were talking last week at the HSFT studio about the amazing gift and ridiculously challenging work of raising women. Okay, I might have been complaining about the difficulty of teenage girls, but the conversation led to what it means to parent girls. 

    When HSFT started our re-occurring series on the blog "Inspiring Women" earlier this year, it was to create and connect community of women, sharing their many diverse talents and gifts. We've had some truly amazing women featured. As mothers, we strive to raise daughters who can someday be inspirational women. 

    New Series on the HSFT Blog

    At HAVE SOME FUN TODAY, we're movers and shakers, artists and creators, daughters and mothers, so we're proud to announce our latest series on the blog called "Raising Women". 

    There are few tasks more daunting than raising children. As parents, we are limited by the scope of our own experiences and what we know, or what we don't. I think we're all just aiming for our kids to be happy, productive and nice people who give a damn about something besides themselves. That would be inspirational. 


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger (and mother) Rebecca Doubek 

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  • We've all been bombarded lately with Back To School commercials, store displays for fall and reminders that Halloween is around the corner. But the leaves aren't falling yet! Let's not jump ahead too fast without savoring the last bit of Summer '16. We suggest holding on as long as you can. Here are 11 ways to keep summer in your heart and soul, before we say Au Revoir, mon cherie

    1. Invest in an amazing self-tanner and hold onto your summer tan well into October. We love this one from Dior

    2. Sip a summer cocktail like it's only just begun. Pimm's Cup is a classic summer quencher courtesy of the Brits. And we never get enough of a good Summer Sangria

    3. Bask in the summer harvest and eat fresh fruits and veggies every day for a week. Even better, find a local farm or Farmers Market and get it freshly picked. You can taste summer in every bite!

    4. Sneak in one more trip to soak in the last days of sunshine. Beach, pool, the lake... Wherever you find your summer happy. Go there!

    5. Keep your flip flops or summer sandals in your wardrobe. You'll be shoving them in winter boots soon enough. And while you're at it, the sales are amazing on summer goodies right now. These Nordstrom cork wedges are fantastic and can easily sneak their way into September. 

    6. Find your summer jam playlist and hit repeat, over and over. 

    7. Print six of your favorite pics from summer and stick them on your fridge or bulletin board. We're kind of obsessed with our Polaroid Zip portable and wireless printer. 

    8. Wear your HSFT muscle tank with jeans and cute wedge sandals or peep-toe booties to Happy Hour and remind everyone to Have Some Fun Today. It is still summer!

    9. Take a summer joy ride. Top down or windows open, get that summer playlist cranking and just drive. 

    10. Plan an end-of-summer party. Summer drinks and tunes, good friends and good vibes. We love the Fashionable Hostess blog with super chic ideas like Prosecco Popsicles, DIY Sangria Bar and salad kebab recipes. 

    11. HAVE SOME FUN TODAY! We know you've got a little summer HSFT left. Shine, baby. Shine!


    This article was written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek

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