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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Happy Birthday! Our founder and CEO Stephanie Taormina is celebrating a Birthday this weekend and she couldn't be happier about it. It got us thinking about how we have this tendency in our society to shy away from "The Numbers" at a certain age. It also got us in the mood for a Birthday SALE so all day long on April 30th, it's 50% off the entire site(Check our Instagram and Facebook page to get the code on the 30th.)

    Isn't it funny that we spend so much time in our early years eagerly marking our milestones, proudly declaring our age, and our rites of passage. Double digits, teenager, old enough to drive. Old enough to vote. Old enough to buy alcohol. We have parties, eat cake and open presents.

    But somewhere around the third or fourth decade, this shift happens. We start to equate those "numbers" as getting old. For some reason, we equate getting old with it all being over. As if we've hit our stride already or the best has already been. We stop saying how old we are or we conveniently leave off the year on those forms or Facebook.  What if we've been wrong? What if there's is no finite number of chances that dwindle away with each passing year. 

    If anything, the older we get, the more chances we have. It really is just a number. Here are five exquisite reasons we should all learn to embrace "the number", be proud of our age, and look forward to what life has in store for us next!

    1) Yes, It's True. You Are Getting Better

    Getting older doesn't mean it's all over. What if as we age, we started to believe we are getting better? Another year around the sun is actually just another 365 days to hit our stride, or do something extraordinary. Another round of new opportunities. Another shot at all new possibilities. We're wiser, we're smarter and we actually do know better. We're not dead yet, so let's stop acting like it. 

    2) You're Not 21 Anymore  

    And we couldn't be happier about that. Yeah, we might all love to have that perkier posterior or youthful skin, but let's be clear that at 21-years-old, there's so much about life we don't know yet.  A recent study from The University of South Florida found that we actually worry more about aging and looking older than older women. Seems there is a certain point as we grow older, where we stop caring about what we look like and are more concerned with just being happy. We get smart enough to not give a shit. And yes, we might have been impetuous, wild and fearless at 21, but most of us were also stupid. We were blindly ignorant to what really matters in life and yet thought we had all the answers. And we might have indulged in that ankle tattoo that seemed like such a good idea at the time. With age comes wisdom and the freedom to not give a @#$% what anyone else thinks. 

    3) Another 365 Days of New Chances

    A birthday is like our own personal New Years. We get to reset on another year of us. But we can also re-boot our intentions for the life we've always want to live. Want to write that book? Take that trip to Greece? Start a business or a family or a new career? We are only limited by our own imagination, or lack thereof. Maybe a birthday is a chance to live the "New Year" with intention. Set our mind to doing something we have always wanted to do, and see it through. We are the master of our destiny, so let another year of YOU be all about YOU!

    4) Live to Outdo Yourself 

    One of the best things about getting older is the chance be even more fabulous than we were last year. We can take each new year as a chance to be an even better version of ourselves. That can mean something different for all of us, but let's not bemoan getting older. Let's look forward to making each year better than the last. Even if the one we're emerging from wasn't our best. You can only know there's better when you've been at the bottom. The one thing we know for sure is that there will always be peaks and there always will be valleys. But you'll hit another peak before you know it. 

    5) Have Some Fun This Year

    Let's be clear, there are plenty of reasons that life gets in the way of just having a good time. Responsibilities often suck the life out of having fun, but there is a way to put a little fun in everyday. And that's why our philosophy, "Have Some Fun Today", is the perfect reminder to never forget to find the FUN in every day. While we're all stuck in the mire of busy lives, our life is happening. Make sure to have a moment each day where it's all good. Turn up the music in the car a little louder, sing in the shower, soak in a moment that is just about the fun. Because life is Fun, you should have some! HSFT...




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