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  • We love everything about the vibe of summer, like our go-to cutoffs and HSFT original tee... 


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Summer 2017 is just beginning and there's a buzz n the air. Longer days, warm nights and all the things we LOVE about summer. 

    1) Summer Fashion Trends 

    Khaki and chinos, head-to-toe floral and slogan tees like the rad ones we make at HSFT, we can't get enough of. We're crushing on 2017 summer style

    2) The Beach

    Anywhere there are waves and sand is a place we wanna be...  HSFT luxe tote packed with our latest issue of W, Icelandic glacial water and our gingham check cover up. Oh and rad tunes and our wireless headphones!

    3) The Smell of Sunscreen  

    Nothing beats the scent of the islands or a tropical dream on your skin. We're militant about quality ingredients to protect us from sun damage, like Josie Maran's Aragan Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Oil This smells amazing and works like a dream. BaliBody - Cacao Tanning Oil This tanning oil is chock full of organic ingredients and a light chocolate scent. Yum! Tatcha - Silken Pore Perfecting Broad Spectrum Sunscreen From Japan, this facial sunscreen is amazingly lightweight and is a pore minimizer, too!

    4) Summer Shoes

    Flatform sandals, the ankle tie espadrilles and wedges, oh my!

    5) A Cold Lake on a Hot Day  

    Not everyone hits a beach in the summer.  Some hit the cool waters of a lake, with long piers, tire swings and lake games. There's nothing better than a dip when the temps reach their peak. 

    6) A Summer Night Sky 

    We love a little sparkle and bling, especially when it's filled with stars, in the backdrop of a navy sky and a light, summer breeze. That kind of sky makes you want to fall in love...

    7) A Boat Drink  

    Don't we all love a pretty cocktail with a little umbrella, or a chic garnish in a chilled glass? What's not to love about sipping in the sunshine! Summer cocktails are fabulous and we're digging the tomato mojito...

    8) Sundresses

    Maxi or mini. Flowy or gauzey. You know, that go to wispy dress that feels "barely-there" and looks gorgeous on tanned skin and beach hair. And every year, when it gets unearthed from the back of your closet, it makes you smile. Because, summer. 

    9) Summertime Jams

    Summer playlists live in infamy. There are always those songs that transport us back in time when we hear them. The summer jams from the teenage years, or the playlist from college. Or maybe it's that new song that stays on loop over and over.

    10) Windows Down

    Or top down, if your sporting the convertible. There's a freedom that comes from summer and there's no better place than the car to feel the wind on your face and  the sun on your skin.

    11) Fireworks 

    Whether it's the hot guy your chillin' with or the ones that light up the July sky, we love a little flash of magic to make us go oooohh and ahhhh. 

    12) Tan Lines 

    Yes, we are all about the sunscreen and keeping our skin protected from the damage that comes from getting a tan. But we also kinda love an ever-so-faint tan line from a day well-spent outside. 

    13) Outdoor Movies  

    Our new favorite summer tradition is watching a flick with the stars twinkling and the warm summer air. Cozy up to your hot date or snuggle up with the family, it's the best way to catch the cinema. Rent a projector, grab a giant canvas painting drop cloth from the hardware store, and you've got the makings of a cool summer party. Heres' how-to...

    14) Summer Skin  

    Theres' something about that dewy and glowy look we get from a little sun, all the water we're drinking and the ease of summer time. 

    15) Ice Cream  

    We are all about clean and healthy eating and keeping our bodies fueled with the good stuff but dammit if we're not a sucker for the homemade gelato from the little place off the boardwalk at the beach. Or the frozen custard from the ice cream shack at the lake. We'll always go back to our organic ways, but those little cupfuls of creamy deliciousness get us every time.

    16) Sunhat

    A good sun hat is the best investment you can make. And it looks fabulous, too!

    17) Sitting on the Dock of the Bay/Lake/Ocean  

    Easy, Breezy days sent sitting on the edge of a dock or a pier just taking in the water or the waves. Water tends to chill us down and slow us down, especially if we're dangling our feet over the side and "watching the tide roll away..."

    18) Oh-so-Perfect Summer Highlights

    You've never had better hair than that sun-kissed glint of gold from those summer days. A little lemon squeezed into a half-filled water bottle and spritzed in your hair will help give you a little boost and make your hair smell like a citrus dream. 

    19) Frosè

    We've been loving this new trend in adult beverages because we've long adored our chilled and tart Rosè in the summer. But fabulous Rosè in slushy form, well, you had us at Rosè.

    20) Boat rides

    Water and Summer go hand-in-hand for most of us. We love a good boat ride, no matter what the body of water. A speedy little jaunt on the ocean, a float along a river, or a sail on the glass-like waters of a lake. We never want to return to land.  

    21) Summer Selfies

    When you've got that dew-like glowy skin, golden highlights and the smile of summer on your face, the selfies are fabulous.

    22) Summer Rain 

    There's something about the smell of a summer rain. The sound of it hitting the sidewalk or the roof and the brief respite from the heat. Sometimes we like to dance in it. 

    23) The Perfect Summer Outfit

    If it's drinks with the girls or a date with the hottie, we may opt to hang up the sundress and rock that one summer outfit we love to wear with beach hair and glowy skin. We're loving our sexy cutoffs with our HSFT tank and heels, or maybe it's the pencil skirt and crop tank with wedge sandals. It's sexy and it's summer and that's all we need. 

    24) Have Some Fun Today  

    This company was founded on finding the freedom within any given day to enjoy and love your life. Find a moment and HAVE SOME FUN TODAY! What better time of year than the season of sun than to take it all in and HSFT. 

    Whatever you love about summer, soak it in and catch the vibe because it will be gone before you know it. HSFT!


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who loves a summer cocktail.... 











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