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  • Boat lounging or harbor hopping, you can have tons of fun when it's just one... (the HSFT leggings and sports bra in stock now!)

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - There's nothing more beautiful and powerful than being alone and enjoying your own company. So many times, we shy away from being by ourselves. It can feel scary and unfamiliar. But it is in the quiet moments with self that we can really get to know ourselves and discover our inner beauty. 

    In an article about "The Importance of Being Alone", Dr. Abigail Brenner writes for Psychology Today that being alone just takes a little practice and when we become more comfortable with ourselves, alone time is key for our own personal growth and development. "There’s so much to be gained from learning to rely, and more importantly, to trust your own inner voice as the best source for your own guidance."

    There is a big difference between alone and lonely. We can be lonely in a room full of people. But when we are alone and able to have positive and joyful experiences, we recognize our own capacity to make ourselves happy.

    Party of One

    Sometimes it takes a while for us to learn that we are the only ones responsible for our happiness. No one else can give that to us. And the more comfortable we are in the quiet with ourselves or even in the music-blasting-in-your-living-room-pajama-dancing-moments, the more we know that we are okay. 

    Author and speaker Joyce Meyer says, "Stop giving someone else the job of making you happy." When we take resonsiulility for our own happiness, our own good time, our own FUN, we can find ourselves. 

    It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves and it its not possible to find it elsewhere -Agnes Repplier

    Be Your Own Good Time Charlie 

    Self reliance is about more than just making our way in the world financially or otherwise. It's also about learning to be our own best friend. When we start to create space for time by ourselves, we give our selves time for reflection. We re-charge our spirit and our creativity. We learn to appreciate and value the relationships with other even more. 

    We here at Have Some Fun Today wholeheartedly believe in finding the FUN in every single day, especially when we are by ourselves. It doesn't take the epic holiday party or date night with your hottie to HSFT. Take yourself on a date. Honor yourself with time to yourself. It's in this space that you will cultivate your best self. 



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