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Steph’s First Steps for 2019

Starting on the Right Foot - Look Up & Ahead!

We started the year off by looking up and ahead and writing down the things that will make 2019 the best year ever.

I’ll share myself as an example. You can use it as a guide, but make it your own. This is your life, so live it how you see best!

Please share your list in the comments or using #FirstSteps for what will make this YOUR best year! When we share our goals, we help keep each other accountable - we’re all in this together!

Steph’s List

I create a goal and guidelines for each part of my life that I want to improve upon. Some of these things I already do, some I need to get better at, and some I need to start completely new!


Goal: To eat cleaner
Guidelines: Don’t eat sugar after 7 pm, Prep healthy food

Things I can do to help myself: Avoid sugar after 7pm. Prep proteins, and create healthy snack options the night before so I stay on track throughout the day.


Goal:  For my children to become more independant

Guidelines: Take the time to teach

I will teach my kids how to handle their own finances, such as living expenses; things like rent and other monthly obligations.  Basically shifting the things I did for them, to them doing for themselves. It’s a big part of parenting and helping your children to "launch".


Goal: Strengthen my whole body
Guidelines: Be patient, one day at a time

My personal problem areas … Do the work to tighten, tone and strengthen my whole body. After 3 years of hip degeneration and a bilateral hip replacement, I am ready to redefine my physique. Hitting the gym and at home workouts daily.


Goal: Healthy nurturing
Guidelines: Try something new!

Finding new ways to nurture myself. Lucky for me I created the habit a while ago that self love comes in the form of doing healthy things for myself, and I want to try some new things this year such as night classes for yoga or meditation. 


Goal: Be fresh in the moment!
Guidelines: Do not project an outcome on any relationships

I want to continue to be open and live in the now instead of projecting an outcome on any relationship I have. I think we almost automatically do this with relationships because of past conditioning. Let’s face it, every relationship we have impacts the next one we have. I am so guilty of this! (Sorry guys!) To be fresh in the moment is my main goal this year.


Goal: Create Structure
Guidelines: Create systems for each segment of the business

This area needs a lot of work. I created this brand out of my dad’s saying and because it has been so organic, It’s moved too fast at times and I want to add more structure to the day to day operations so that it can grow from a more solid foundation.


Goal: Move to the West Coast
Guidelines: Break everything into manageable pieces

So, another big one: I am moving my life from 53+ years on the east coast to the west coast. A move that is scary but also exciting.

I have to pack up a life here, set up my two daughters, and think ahead for what they might want now and in the future. The move is daunting in so many ways, but the best way to get it done is to set priorities and tasks and start!

And here we go!

What’s Next?!

Everything is interrelated in life! So I find it is helpful to break things down into manageable pieces and focus on one piece at a time. I’m looking forward to my best year ever and I hope you are too.

Thank you for reading! Please share your thoughts and your list in the comments or using #FirstSteps on any of our social media. We are a tribe of dreamers and doers and I’m so glad you’re part of this!

Love, Light, and FUN!




  • Posted by Kurt Siebels on

    You are so focused and full of great wisdom!
    Have a great year Steph!

  • Posted by Lois L Bridged on

    Great advice and steps for success! My biggest goal for 2019 is to live in the now and be present in each moment.
    My biggest goal for 2019 is to create a lifestyle blog to empower other women.
    Cheers to health, love and laughter in 2019!
    XoX lolo

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