Sharing Our Daily Inspiration: A Poem For The Sensitive Souls

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The Beauty of Inspiration

HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We love finding inspiration that moves us and speaks to us, so much so that it makes us want to share it. Today it was the beautiful words of poem. 

Inspiration comes in all different shapes and forms. It's how Have Some Fun Today was born; the words of a father living on through a brand his daughter created, to uplift and inspire. Today we wanted to share this beautiful poem that we stumbled across on Elephant Journal by Carly Morgan Gross

At Have Some Fun Today, we lift up the movers and shakers, the glass ceiling breakers, the light carriers and the creators. We love the beautiful women that come together to form communities and share their stories and who embody the message of HSFT.  We love finding others who do, too. 

Live. Love. Wear. Share. 

This Is For The Sensitive Souls: A Poem For Women 

By Carla Morgan Gross

This is for the sensitive souls who feel it all. For the long processors, the bedtime criers, the ones who are blinded by the light.

This is for the women who’ve had to learn the hard way that “no” is an act of respect.

For the stomachs shaken by the sight of anything impure, the hearts that give too much—is there even such a thing?

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