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How To Be Your Own Hero And Find Your Own Fun Today

"True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero and leader"Yung Pueblo

Note To Self

I love this quote from Yung Pueblo about being your own hero and how it is essential to realizing your own power. I've been thinking a lot about this concept lately. And now, more than ever in my life, this holds true. 

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, surrounded by the ideology that once you got married, life was a Fairy Tale. You know, the whole "white picket fence" fantasy. I quickly realized the Fairy Tale was just that, a fantasy not based in reality. I struggled with my feelings about what life had handed me. I had yet to understand my part in my choices and I wasn't taking responsibility for my piece in all of it. It broke me and left me defeated for a long time.

Sure, I had beautiful children and a beautiful home, all the trappings of the Fairy Tale. So why wasn’t I happy? It was a nice life to look at but it was one dimensional. I was miserable and searching for answers.

Looking For The Happy

No one seemed to have the answers I was seeking, not even my beautiful and wise grandmother Elsie who seemed so seasoned and experienced in her life.

So began my search for personal happiness. I started a yoga practice. The meditative flow of ashtanga yoga really resonated with me. I started to study yoga and things began to shift. I realized that I was building a personal spirituality practice, quite different than a religious one.

I attended an Isha workshop in L.A. with Sadhguru Vasudev , founder of the Isha Foundation and I found the weekend to be transformative. It was another profound shift for me into a new space with my personal growth.

Break Down Breakthrough

Ten years later, a divorce would usher in another shift. The struggle of being a divorceè and a single mom in a small, conservative town was quite daunting some days. I “lost” friends. My daughters “lost” friends.

But in the dust of the rubble all around me, I began to rebuild. I had to create a new life, piece by piece. It was painful and humbling. And it was transformative. In the “putting back together” of my life, I built a better one.

It was through those years of challenge and struggle that I found out how strong I really was. Like so many people I know, it’s the low points and the valleys where we find ourselves and our strength. We are strong. Our children are resilient. We persist, we push on, we fight and we find out what we are really made of. We find our own healer, hero and leader in ourselves.

And Now For The Fun

I am 52-years-old. I am happy. I am strong, I know who my friends are and I know who I am. I am so grateful for every challenge because it has given me the greatest gift; the realization that I am the only one who can make me happy. I think my grandmother Elsie knew that, she just wanted me to figure it out.

And I think my Dad knew that and lived it everyday. “Have Some Fun Today”, he’d tell me, as I kissed his cheek and said goodbye. He knew. The “happy’ is only there if we look for it. The “fun” is in the choosing to mindfully find it, somewhere in your day. There will always be storm clouds to block your sun, but look for it anyway.


Peace, Love and Fun,


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    Well written and a very good read

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