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How I Found "The Golden Secret" And Inspiration in My Biggest Challenge

When we consistently practice positive daily rituals, every challenge becomes an opportunity. 

Jesse Golden

How Did You Find Me?

Inspiration. It comes to us in all different ways and when it takes hold, it speaks to us for many different reasons.

My own struggle with chronic pain and arthritis put me on a path to finding new and different ways to healing and living pain-free. I was particularly drawn to a brand and the woman who started it, Jesse Golden who has been living with rheumatoid arthritis for over 10 years. Her company is “The Golden Secrets”.

A Painful Truth

A few years ago, I experienced a random injury when I hyperextended my labrum, a part of the hip socket that keeps the joint in place.

I later found out the everyday pain I was experiencing was actually arthritis. I was just finishing up the first year of my company Have Some Fun Today when the pain began to really impact my life. I started to seek knowledge and information on arthritis. I tried therapies, worked with trainers and really tried to learn as much as I could about what my body was going through.

When I found Jesse through a friend’s recommendation, I learned she had put herself into remission through holistic practices including diet, essential oils, exercise and meditation.

She created a whole line of wellness and beauty products including essential oils and has written a book “Golden Secrets To Optimal Health” where she shares her philosophies.

Sharing The Love

Each of Jesse’s products comes with a set of affirmations to “further enhance its benefits and encourage daily rituals of self-love.”

I have become such a fan of her work what she has accomplished. Her philosophy on life, her energy and her honesty has given her strength to face adversity and follow her path, no matter what. Her journey to creating this brand has evolved into a successful business where she shares her story to help people like me.

Living My HSFT 

My brand, Have Some Fun Today , is founded on the principle of feeling good, living in the moment and just letting go. I’ve learned so much about myself as I’ve learned to work with the things happening in my body as I live with arthritis.

HSFT has become a mindset for me; when I nourish my mind and my body, it fully integrates me into the experience of life. That is the heart of my HSFT. Mind, body, spirit, soul.

It’s the essence of what drew me to someone like Jesse who is living out her truth to help others and in the process, has created something from her biggest challenge and obstacle. That’s her “Golden Secret”.

That’s my HSFT.

It's All Good

Whatever your path, whatever inspires you, stay in the HSFT mindset. As Jesse says, Stay Golden. However you get there, just get there.

Share the HSFT mindset. Nourish the soul, feed the spirit. And of course, love your mama!

This week, our 40% off HSFT sale is all about sharing the love. Use our Mother’s Day Code: urthebest to receive the sale price.

You can find out more about Jesse on her blog and follow her on Instagram.


Love, Light and HSFT,



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