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You know the drill; people all over social media sharing their tips for getting in shape, shedding extra pounds, whitening their teeth. I get it. I follow many people from Jay Shetty to Jesse Golden. I have my faves, and looking to others for inspiration and guidance is a great way to motivate ourselves to evolve to a better you spiritually, physically and emotionally.

One of the motivators for me to start the brand Have Some Fun Today, besides the inspiration my father gave me is my desire to help remind ourselves to live a good life and appreciate it. When we are conscious of even the idea of wanting to have fun it sends a message to our subconscious and that is really where we manifest from. 

I am always looking for ways to evolve and manifest good things in my life and recently while listening to a goop podcast I came across this woman named Lacy Phillips and her manifestation coaching program called To be Magnetic. I am actually doing the program right now and have learned lots of interesting new things about how we manifest what we want in life. The funny thing is many of the ideas I have had about how we manifest have been incorrect. According to what she teaches and believes we manifest not from our thoughts, but from our subconscious. This is where most of us go wrong.

I really have just begun the process, but between us, I now have a list of things I want to manifest and one of them is to make Have Some Fun Today a brand just as successful and known as Life is Good or Spiritual Gangster. Yes I said it out loud. I also just submitted an application to be part of QVC's The Big Find search. Now it's time for the work, which is all about unblocking my subconscious fears and limiting ideas that came into my personal subconscious sometime way back in my early years.

Really cool stuff and I invite you all to explore where you too can delve deep whether it be with a program like this or another method of your choosing. It's all about what you relate to and where you want to see your life grow. That's where the good stuff is. Digging deep not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

There are so many tools out there to help you be a part in your own life changing story. Be curious. Look for inspiration, because now more than ever it is out there.

So, check out some podcasts: a few I've been liking are Jordan Peterson, Chelsea Handler, and Goop to name a few and now To Be Magnetic.

For Social Media influencers I love so many but a couple that come to mind as mentioned above are Jay Shetty and Jesse Golden.

If you look for good you will find it!

So with each blog we celebrate evolving and want to share that it's never too late to begin by offering our readers a great discount code to shop for your "reminder" to Have Some Fun Today! Use the code: Nevertoolate and get 35% off our site:)  Wear it with intention, and just see what happens when you wear it. Share your photos and your experiences with us on our facebook page @HSFTofficial, instagram page @hsft_official or in the comments below.

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