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What Comes From Being Authentic

Hands down the #1 thing I believe in is to be your authentic self. No apologies, no excuses, just living life and "owning your truth."

As a mother and a single parent, I have come across countless issues, circumstances and patterns of behavior that I have had to deal with and while doing so I realized that it was important for me not to ever be a hypocrite, but to always be authentic.

Being a parent and a mom is a job that carries so much responsibility in how I conduct myself and my life. I always felt that I was raising two intelligent human beings and that in the course of their training if I wasn't authentic that would be misleading, confusing and undermining.

To me everything in life is integrated. My beliefs, my actions, my work, my leisure, and my health. I truly live everyday by this belief and my children know this.

I realized that my authenticity in all things was important in guiding my decisions and that helped me form the basis of how I was going to set boundaries for my children and others around me and conduct my life.

It is not easy to be truly authentic in an overly opiniated and approval seeking world.

I repeat it is NOT EASY:) 

"To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing." Aristotle

So, here we are ten years later. My kids are now adults, we often have in depth philosophical discussions about life and why people do what they do.

 We can have healthy and productive discussions about everything from fashion to politics because they know that what I say and what I do and what I think are aligned and they TRUST me because I dont lie, I dont sugarcoat and I have never undermined them or behaved like a hypocrite. When you live your life this way, you establish trust and respect around you.

So as we come to the closing of a decade, we can look back and see what all we went through. For many and me included it was a decade of transitions, establishing new healthier patterns, digging deep to create something meaningful not just for myself, but others and leading my children to a good place where they can start their adult lives with a healthy outlook on their own individuality. 

This would not be possible if I did things differently than I did. Looking back and reviewing the chain of events over the past 12 years showed me that my authenticity through all the struggles is what kept it real.

I will preach to anyone who is moving through the chaos to work on knowing yourself and to strive to own it. Believe in yourself. Be authentic. Own your truth.

I started Have Some Fun Today because I had a vision of what it could be to share the things I design with others to make them happy, to make people smile, to remind people that LIFE is SHORT!

I believed in it. I was capable of making it happen and the people around me believed in me. Being Authentic is what helped me earn the trust between me and my backers, because they knew I would work tirelessly to do what I said I would do no matter how much I would have to dedicate myself to reaching my goal.

In less than a month a whole new decade will emerge and I am stoked!

What is vastly important to live your best life is to define who you are, what is important to you and why. This is the groundwork for creating meaning and purpose in your life and let me tell you it is Never Too Late.

I share the discount code ; NEVERTOOLATE with you for a 30% off discount on HSFT - one use per customer. It is a great little incentive to change up your game, motivate you to live in the moment and get excited for a fresh new decade...

Life truly is amazing and everyone has something of value inside them, you just got to be courageous enough to figure out what that is:)

Love & Light,


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