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Girl, You are More Powerful Than you Know:) #Firststeps

Girl you are more powerful than you even realize! It's true and I know you know it!

 All those years of telling yourself you aren't good enough, you aren't smart enough, you aren't skinny enough, you aren't pretty enough. Well girl, forget that thinking, that is bullish!t and you know it.

So how do we take our power back and have some fun today and everyday? 

The answer is the same for everyone, but it's also completely different for EVERYONE.

We are individuals and that's where we start. Learning you, or should I say "re-learning you." Let's get back to where we started. What did you gravitate to as a child for fun for instance? Nature? - playing outside around the trees and grass?

Did you like being creative? coloring books or making fun crafts. Or did you like music and theatre? It could be anything, but they say the things you are drawn to say so much about you, so if you are stuck in not knowing what you enjoy anymore then its a place to start.

When you take the time to get re-aquainted with yourself you can enjoy the simplest moments with a new perspective. It makes us appreciate life more and it's a way to love ourselves that is nourishing to our soul. Maybe that is why they say music and art are food for the soul.

The benefits of taking your power back as an individual isn't to be on some lofty power trip. It is to be fully who you are meant to be. The sky's the limit for any human who is open to growth, to love, to self care and to sharing who they are with others. We need to be able to step over the hurdle of self doubt, self loathing, of worrying all the time how we are perceived. The bottom line is that style of living is obsolete and it is time to move toward a life of self power and fun.

Look in the mirror and remind yourself that it's never too late to start. To take the first step to change, to evolve, to feel healthier, to feel inspired, to be happy. To be a risk taker toward your own self evolution.

Fear will hold you back and I know you are ready to feel good, feel in the drivers seat of your own life. Not in the back seat going down some road that's too jammed up.

So, remember that it is what we do that makes us progress. Not what we say we will do. Take an action today towards the healthier, happier more powerful you and Have Some Fun Today. Life is what you make it.

This is why I created the brand Have Some Fun Today and now with the code: Nevertoolate you can purchase one of our awesome motivational t shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, pillows or your daily coffee mug for an extra 35% off.  I'm not doing this to just sell stuff, I am doing this to encourage you to have an awesome and fun life and to take your power back.

I hope you do!

Love & Light,


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