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Girl, Get Your Sh!T Together

"Get your shit together"- Let's not mince words. It's something I often say to myself or the people I am close to with a twinkle in my eye and a slight grin on my face. Four words that clearly convey that we may need to reel it in and focus on the  bigger picture.

Since the beginning of 2019 I have been an open book to sharing my personal journey towards having an amazing year. Hard to believe we are already 4 months into it and stuff is going down. You can only plan so much and then life just happens, but if you can take a breather every month and acknowledge your progress and also your lack of progress you can stay on track.

One thing is essential to making progress this way. You have to be able to be honest with yourself. Not everyone can do this. If you can acknowledge not only your weaknesses, but also your strengths, then you have a much clearer vision of what you need to do. It's like driving a car through a rain storm and your wiper blades aren't working very well. You can still get there, but it makes the journey a heck of a lot harder.

For some weird reason I have always been able to self analyze. I am sure that has its' downside, but by doing this I have been able to evolve past areas that previously were weak into areas of strength and growth.

So, how do we get our shit together? 

First of all using myself as an example; I have been travelling a lot and taking on some new responsibilities that have been causing me extra stress. I know this and I have to get my "shit together." For the past few weeks I have been willing to do a little extra and deal with a little unbalance in the short term. However; in the bigger picture I know this is not sustainable or desirable for me. This is when we finesse a new challenge to get back on track to what gives us balance. But, if you have blinders on and can't see the unbalance and the need to finesse this new situation it will throw the average person completely out of whack.

What to Do:

1. have your eyes open

2. be honest with yourself

3. know your boundaries 

4. be prepared to put in extra time to get back on track

You can apply this thinking to almost anything. Diet and exercise, personal relationships, work, parenting, etc.

The thing is to have a good life a lot of it is merely your attitude, and even when I half jokingly say - "get your shit together"- it's all relative. It doesnt have to be drudgery, getting ones shit together can actually be fun. Right now as I write this and share my ideas about life, parenting, working and trying to have a good life, my back is killing me and I'm still at my office at 10pm. Another person might be really pissed about this, but I am actually really grateful that I get to do what I do.

So think about how you can "get your shit together and also have fun."

Right now we created the code: Nevertoolate so that anyone reading this post can shop the line and use that code at checkout to get 35% off site wide. We are a community of people who are trying for our best year yet. This is what we are striving for and anything that helps to remind us to enjoy this life and have more fun we should use. A t shirt, a hat, a bag.... all these things can be the spark of inspiration to help you have a better life.

So Have Some Fun Today and have some fun getting your shit together too:)

Love & Light,



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