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The HSFT Mug
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Garment Dyed Vintage Fleece
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Original Cap Sleeve Tee

Get Fit, Have Fun and Look Good in 2019

New Year and New You?

Why does it feel like we’re always on a quest to getting fit and being our “best self” whenever we roll into a New Year? Maybe a little too much HSFTindulging over the holiday and a flip of the calendar is enough to motivate us. We get sucked into the New-Year-new-you idea and it feels like the perfect time to reset.

And who doesn’t love that feeling of being “better” and of accomplishing our goals? Break a little sweat, get a little stronger and work towards that New Year best self.

Start At the Beginning

Half the battle is just starting, but when you do, do not, I reapeat, DO NOT, attempt to begin your “Fitness and Wellness” 2019 in your old college t-shirt and the yoga pants you binge watch Netflix in.

There is a direct connection between how we look and how we feel, so dress the part. There’s science behind how we can empower ourselves mentally when we feel good on the outside.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your living room or the local gym, -start with a dope pair of leggings. I designed our HSFT leggingsin a soft, supportive fabric, amazing colors and of course, our Have Some Fun Today mantra down the side. And we’re all about support with our HSFT sports brawith just the right amount hug and fit and in just the right places.

Working out is exactly the right time to get into the HSFT mindset, because we all need that reminder to find that silver lining and keep us in positive vibes.


This is Not Your Mother’s Workout

There are so many amazing tools to support us on the journey to getting healthier and fit in 2019. Today’s technology has on-line resources like streaming video, mobile phone apps and websites for fitness. Your smartphone is the perfect wellness support coach.

One of my favorite apps is modelFITfrom MINDBODY, Inc. It gives you short, targeted exercise sessions that you can do anywhere. You can stream a workout and even access trainers and nutritionists. They offer cardio, sculpt and dance cardio classes.

I also love LEKfit, with celebrity trainer Laura Kleban who offers a dance-inspired fitness method with videos and tutorials.

So even if I’m on the road for business withHSFTor taking a long weekend away, I can still keep my fitness routine. Apps and on-line fitness instruction help me keep my commitment every day, no matter where I am.

New favorite? The meditation apps. I have long practiced meditation and mindfulness. I find it’s the perfect way to start my day and even sometimes end my day, -with a calm, focused mind. 

Believe me, running my own company and parenting two girls in college can have me frazzled, so I find the practice of quieting the mind to be very powerful. I use Headspaceor Insight Timer, but there are so many great apps for meditation that you can find with a quick search.


Always Be Prepared

I always keep my gym duffel packed with basics so that getting out the door for a workout is a no-brainer. I’m in love with our new HSFT Logo Duffel Bag. I throw in my HSFT water bottleto stay hydrated, my gym towel, ponytail holder, headphones, and our HSFT baseball hat. A post-workout ponytail with our chic baseball hat gives me an easy way to deal with sweaty gym hair.


Find an Insta Support System For a Better You

There’s a school of thought that says surrounding yourself with like-minded people will better help you meet your goals. That’s never been more true than when it comes to our social media community.

Start by following wellness, fitness, and nutritional experts on their social media pages and other like-minded influencers in the space of wellness. Creating your own on-line wellness community assures your social media feed is chock full of daily inspiration and not just cute cat videos.

My favorite Instagram pages to follow The Golden Secrets,  Norma Kamaliand The Daily Burn.


You Can Do It

All you have to do is start. Don’t overthink it and just commit to yourself to feeling your best. And most importantly, Have Some Fun Today!  Because a happy, healthy you is the best you there is.

Need some motivation? Use our special offer code 2019fitfun for 30% off for leggings, sports bra, duffel bag and water bottles!


Love & Light,







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