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#Firststeps and Finding your Tribe - Sisterhood.

One of the amazing lessons that has been coming across to me over the past year is how much I love my sisters. My real sisters: Lisa, Susie and Joselle for sure are my best friends; but I am also talking about women in general. 

The tide has turned for women to no longer be competitive against each other. It is time for women to be competitive FOR each other.

In my line of work, which is loosely defined, artist, designer, entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger. I am seeing the effects of what happens when we are inclusive with our love, encouragement, support and knowledge. There is an energy of women rising to be their best selves, to rediscover their dreams, to open up to possibilities and have a great belly laugh while doing it. This is when life gets FUN and we want to share that joyful vibe.

It's not our fault; as women we have had a lot of pressure to be educated, to be successful, to be attractive, to be a good partner, to be a good mom, etc. Along that journey there can be a lot of bumps in the road. It's just called LIFE.

People project their personal failures onto others who seem to be "living the life" by the way they treat them and talk about them. This is where the sister disconnect begins, and it starts at a young age. It gets perpetuated by the moms to the daughters and their friends and before you know it some girl or woman is ostracized for no good reason other than the fact that she pissed off some womans' ego. Better known as Jealousy and in the modern social media world they are called " haters". If you put yourself out there in any way you've got em too. 

How do we end this? We can put on our designer tephlon coats and go out there in the world and do what we feel is right. You can't dim your light to make other people feel comfortable. I am seeing and feeling the change. More and more women are understanding our strength collectively and realizing that we are all in this together. It is happening now! It is amazing shared energy that we are in the midst of and this is what will take us all to a new, happier and more fulfilling place in society.

WE ARE SISTERS! Celebrate each other. Your dream is my dream. Your desire to find love and happiness is my dream for you also. Your success is my success. This is our world. We need to collectively support our sisters and we will.

To all my sisters out there; if what I say touches you in any way please leave a comment below with the hashtag #sisters.  

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Love & Light,



  • Posted by Chrissy on

    I couldn’t agree with you more. We are better together and need to build each other up. Isn’t that much more fun than spreading negativity? Amen, Steph!! Keep inspiring! #sisters

  • Posted by Joy Gimbel on

    love that you’re rediscovering full enjoying your sisters as friends. Sometimes it takes a step back to realize that great gift.
    We truly only can create/are responsible for our own happiness, fulfillment in living the richest life possible. But whether an actual sister or supportive friends it does take a village to create warmth, community for ourselves and daughters. I’ll never understand why girls of all ages play those “mean girl” games?! But do imagine no mean girl is happy. My father’s recent passing reminded me life is short and to go after anything, let my light shine with uplifting females, letting go of anything else. Happy you are as well. #sisters #love

  • Posted by Beth Carson on

    “You can’t dim your light to make other people feel comfortable.”

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