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Embracing The Chaos - Why That is the Key to Having a Great Life.

More than a decade ago I had a midlife crisis. I came to that crossroad in life where what I was living was not aligned with where I wanted to go.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I think every person goes through this in some way in their life, what they choose to do from there is all about choice and courage.

That time for me was chaotic. It was a whirlwind of unpredictable, unknown, exciting, sad and scary changes. When it happens, one usually gets thrown off balance because we are trying so hard in those moments to stay in the space of order and safety. Without understanding that a balanced life consists of one foot standing in chaos and the other foot firmly planted in order. What happened in between that time and now is a book in itself, but what I have come to 10 years later with much study, practice, regression and discipline is that I know that every conceivable life experience will contain both elements of chaos and order. 

On a plane trip to LA I experienced two things that have impacted me lately; I met a stranger ( turns out he's an ex-pro football player who went to my alma mater, Penn State) who ended up sending me and my sisters a book which explains this exact theory. Its called the 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. As I'm reading this book  I realize that Dr. Peterson is describing exaclty where I am in my life right now. It is a very timely but strange coincidence.

The next experience was also on a flight to LA. I had heard about the Bill Murray Stories and thought I'd watch the documentary on the flight. Who isn't a fan of Bill Murray? Anyway, this film is about the urban legend of actor Bill Murray showing up in random social events and just interacting like a normal unknown human. The show was enchanting and it shared a joie de vivre that I feel has been lost in this world. Undocumented celebrity sparkle experiences that left whoever the lucky civilians were with a feeling of being special.

What touched me about this though was not that there's hope to get to hang with Bill Murray (although I'd love to!) but more the idea that these stories inspired me to take the tiny moments of life and engage with them in a more meaningful way. To live more in the moment. That is freedom and I find that to be really beautiful.

So, I recommend the book and the movie.....and I also strongly recommend having some fun today:)

Life is short. What energy will you leave behind, what will be your legacy? What stories will people share about you? What random person will you touch with your gaze, your smile, your exchange in the post office, at the grocery store, the gym, along the street; especially if you are wearing or carrying something that says Have Some Fun Today?

Have some fun todayJoin us today and purchase an item from with the code:Nevertoolate for 35% off. Wear it with intention, and just see what happens when you wear it. Share your photos and your experiences with us on our facebook page, instagram page @hsft_official or in the comments below.

Embrace the chaos, but keep one foot in your order.... Thats where the fun stuff happens :) 


Love & Light,




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