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6 Ways To Find Your Own Best Style This Fall

HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Style. "A distinctive appearance....", according to Merriam-Webster. It's a look that's all your own and it's as personal and unique as your fingerprint or your DNA. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe says that style is what you say about yourself without having to speak."

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it...

Your look style is your vibe. And it's distinctly you. Studies show that we judge people based on first impressions. Our clothes, our general appearance and how we pull it all together have a lot to do with that. 

Style is something unique to you. Only you can rock a look the way you can because it's YOU, and there's never going to be another one. So if you've lost your sense of style, find it. If you have one, maybe it's time for a change it. 

Here's a few tips on how to keep it stylish...

1) Fit Is Everything  

We're all clear that many of us don't fit into the cookie-cutter sizes that are on the racks and shelves of retail stores. There's been too many torturous dressing room stories that end in  armful of clothes on the floor, tears, and nothing that fits. Paying more money for something doesn't mean it's going to fit you. And of course, a steal from the sale rack isn't a bargain unless it's right for your body.

Even if it means going up in size, how it looks on your body is all that matters. And that's why we should all have a local tailor on speed dial. They're your biggest ally in making clothes look the best on your body. Most local dry cleaners usually have one on staff. They can hem, nip and tuck and create the right silhouette with your clothes. 

2) Know Your Body

It's not always the size that matters, it's knowing what looks good on you. Green is your color? V-neck is more flattering on you? You know when certain cuts or colors are better on your body or just not right. Your closet should be full of clothes and accessories you love to wear and that love to "wear you". 

3) Mix and Match

People with flawless and impeccable style are people that know how to embrace a trend when it suits them and buck a trend if it's not for them. The stylish will combine a trend with a classic or a vintage piece with a modern one. Or a high end splurge with a bargain you scored at the end of the season. Maybe it's a shirt from Target with a designer wide-leg jean. The possibilities are endless and this is where true style is born. Preppy and bohemian? Classic and retro fabulous? That's how you develop style.

4) Skip A Trend 

Maybe the Pantone Color of the Year is just not your vibe, as in it washes you out and generally looks awful on you. Maybe the high waisted jean just looks silly on your petite frame. Or maybe the floral trend for fall just feels to much like Little House on The Prairie to you.  It's okay to say, "No thank you" and pass on the latest and greatest because all that matters is how it makes you feel. That's true style.  

5) Pull It Together

Regardless of what you wear, take a little time to give a damn. Give yourself a few extra minutes to create a look. Take time to press a shirt or steam a dress. Too often we opt for what's easy or most comfortable  A few great accessories and an effort at pulling together your style will show, no matter what your wearing. 

6) Be You 

If you don't know your "style" or what looks good on you, start from the beginning. Take a friend and hit that dreaded dressing room. Ask for honest opinions, like "Does this look good on me?" or "Can I pull this off?" And pick things that make you happy. That you'll want to wear or that seem like an expression of you. Creating your own style is about having the confidence to wear what you choose, because it's uniquely you. 

7) Have Some Fun Today

Yes, we say it all day and everyday, but having style is about having FUN! When you step into your confidence and your best self, that is when the fun starts. That's the embodiment of Have Some Fun Today. Your clothes and accessories should be an expression of that, in the smallest or biggest of ways. Can't wear the faux hawk to work? Opt for a funky bag (Like our HSFT Luxe tote!) or cool lipstick? Work in your style anyway you can, because after all, it's YOU. The world only gets one.... 





Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek  

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