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5 Reasons You Need Yoga In Your Life Right Now

You can still look chic and cool, even if you're sweating. Our original crop tank, crown baseball hat and hsft water bottle are a perfect part of the morning workout.  

HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We all know trends in exercise, health and fitness come-and-go, but the "yoga trend" seems to be here to stay. At HSFT, we're "all in" with the amazing benefits yoga has to offer. With so much research about its positive effects, it's pretty clear, yoga is the bomb. 

Have a mat but don't know where it is? Never tried it because it's not your thing? We think we can change your mind when you read our 5 reasons that we all should be doing down dog and chanting Om

1) Your Yoga Mat Will Keep The Doctor Away

There's enough medical science and research about the positive effects of yoga on the body to write five more blogs on the topic. In a nutshell, you'll be lowering heart disease, increasing brain function, increasing bone density, lowering blood pressure, and improving lung capacity. And those are just a few of things that happened when you hit your yoga mat. Study after study has supported the positive effects your body enjoys when you practice yoga. It's like a multi-vitamin for your health. #getonyourmat

2) Mind, Rocking Body and Spirit 

Yeah, we are all about the "holistic health" of the mind and the soul, with our physical selves. But we love seeing the results in our body from all the hard work. Unless we're taking a restorative yoga class, chances are, we're moving and maybe even sweating on our mat. Try a vinyasa flow or power yoga class and we may have to re-think that whole "Yoga is just stretching" theory. You want defined abs, increased core strength, great legs and a perkier posterior? Oh, and did we mention the "gun show"? Triceps and biceps love a good plank pose and build muscle quickly. Yoga builds muscle and strength, literally from head to toe. And it isn't in isolation, like weights in a gym. This is a full-body workout that stretches and releases the tension and tightness in our muscles and builds flexibility, not just strength. Want to get ready for bikini season? Get to yoga! #yogarocksyourbody

3) Meditate and Motivate

We've all seen the lots of people jump on the meditation trend. From Oprah to Cher and everyone in between, meditation has been linked to increasing good health and undoing stress in the brain. Here's the best part about yoga; it's like a two-for-one, because any decent yoga studio's classes will be a hybrid "yoga and meditation"; a mindful movement practice that takes you inward. Most classes will also encourage "the breathe" and a breathing practice as you move. After all, the beginnings of yoga were a spiritual practice geared toward moving us to enlightenment. It wasn't until several hundred years later that yoga also became a physical practice. In the end, a good yoga studio or yoga practice is intended to take you inward, to breathe, and to find your peace and inner bliss. And that, is some dope shit. #yogaisdope

4) Yoga Makes You Happy

Yep, you'll be smiling ear-to-ear, with your mat under your arm, and the sweat pooling at your neck, when you leave yoga class. Call it "yoga euphoria". The movement in yoga releases toxins and hormones ,which help to stabilize our brain function and our mood. Think of it like squeezing out a sponge at the kitchen sink. In yoga, when you are twisting and turning and bending and sweating, you are ringing out your organs releasing all those toxins. You are also oxygenating the blood which is an instant mood boost. A research study from Harvard showed that women who had been through an emotional trauma and were experiencing depression and anxiety, decreased their depression and anxiety by 50% after three months of yoga, just twice a week. #yogamakesyousmile

 "If you practice yoga once a week, you will change your mind. If you practice yoga twice a week, you will change your body. If you practice yoga three times a week, you will change your life." -Poster at local Yoga Studio

5) Yoga Makes You Strong 

We all know that it takes being Wonder Woman these days, to juggle the demands of our busy lives. Women are doing more than ever in the work place and in the world. The best balance we can offer ourselves is to be soft and vulnerable, but strong and wise. There are going to be days when you're gonna have to strap on your shit kickers and take charge. And there are going to be days where everyone around you is leaning on you and your strength.

And then there are days when you need strength just to get by. Physical strength is one thing. But when we are strengthening your mind/body/spirit while you optimize your health and lift your mood, that's a trifecta. And that's why we do yoga. Strong women get shit done. Strong women also know that every day is a gift, so you always gotta Have Some Fun Today. Get strong. Go to Yoga! #hsftyoga



This article was written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who is a certified yoga instructor and a yoga believer... #getonyourmat 

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