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5 Reasons You Need More Creativity In Your Life

A space for creativity: Our Have Some Fun Today studio's are full of amazing artwork and paintings created by HSFT founder and CEO Stephanie Taormina...
HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Are you getting enough Creativity?

Grab A Glue Gun, Stat!

We take supplements for this and vitamins for that, but are you feeding your Creative Spirit? You know, the one who wants to try that sculpting class at the community college or who sketches on the back of the gas bill, while waiting on hold with the cable company. The Creative Spirit isn't just in the average kindergartner, it's very much alive in each of us. Honing in on creativity and regularly practicing it can be a game-changer, in all areas of our lives. 

Pinterest or A Paint Brush 

Pinterest was essentially invented for those of us who have a burning desire to be creative but aren't always sure how to do it. It's like a giant "think tank" or brainstorming session online where we can share and "pin" ideas on any creative endeavor we fancy. 

Creativity doesn't not need to be complicated, like throwing clay or drawing with charcoal pencils from France. It comes in all in all different shapes and sizes. But it is a life force that flows through each and everyone of us. Yes, all of us! No doubt, some of you will defiantly proclaim that you are not creative. But it literally is something we're all born with. 

It's In Your DNA 

We all come into this world with an innate creative expression that really starts as an extension of our selves. Even our earliest scribbles and drawings are an earnest attempt at the expression of the world we saw then. Back then we had much more freedom and didn't care about what anyone thought of it. It was creating for the simple sake of expression.
Maybe somewhere along the way, someone told you that you weren't very good at it. If that stuck with you, then you're a repressed creative and it can actually cause depression. Freeing that side of yourself can be quite exhilarating and powerful.  
We live in a world where Adult Coloring Books have become a thing and "Wine and Canvas" Painting Parties are the new "Book Club". We long for creative expression, even if it comes with a set of instructions. 
So, why does creativity matter as we get older? What is the importance of expressing creativity as adults, when we hardly have time for the day-to-day lives we're living? 

1) Creativity Is A Happy Pill

There's nothing quite like pushing your sleeves up, taking on a creative endeavor and then standing back with satisfaction at its completion. Breathing life into our imagination and our ideas, and making something of nothing, that's incredibly fulfilling. And it's quite likely to make you smile. 

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro found that there is a strong correlation between happiness and creativity. "The findings support that creative behavior is both a cause and an effect of positive psychological processes..." 
Want to find an easy way to happiness? Get Creative! 

2) Creativity is A Life Skill 

One of the best things about free falling into some form of creative expression is that this type of thinking expands our minds and gets us to think outside the confines of what we "should" do. 

Painting, coloring, cooking, rearranging furniture, photography, crafting, knitting, sewing, decoupaging, -whatever floats your boat, when we're creating, we are responding to a totally different set of motivations and expectations in our brains. Opening our minds to what could be possible, really gets us to think beyond our norm. That's called being innovative and "thinking outside the box." And that is a skill we need in everyday life.

How often do we need to step back from a situation in our lives and simply look at it a different way? Tilting and shifting our perspective is the equivalent of adding a little more blue over here in the corner of this painting or a dash more spice in this bubbling concoction on the stove.

We need that kind of thinking to be good problem solvers and trouble shooters.  "Let's try to solve it this way instead of that." Or, "What if we looked at this as a solution?" That's what creativity does for our perspective. 

3) Creativity Is Good For Business  

Creativity is now becoming a skill that you can tout on your resume. Many businesses are giving more value to the importance of hiring Creative Thinkers who can bring a new perspective to their company. 

"There is little that shapes the human experience as profoundly and pervasively as creativity. Creativity drives progress in every human endeavor, from the arts to the sciences, business, and technology." Scott Barry Kaufman -The Philosophy of Creativity - Scientific American 


A poll from IBM revealed that more than 60 percent of CEO's believe that creativity is the biggest predictor of success in business. And yet, climbing the career ladder, we often shortchange the creative side of ourselves. 

Feeding our creative selves is like nurturing a garden.  The more you do it, the more abundant the harvest will be. We don't often stop to think about practicing creativity or why it's important. Want to fast track your way to that promotion or flourish in your career? You might be surprised to learn a paintbrush or an art class can help you get there. 

 4) Creativity and The Entrepreneur 

Thinking the unthinkable, that's what creativity is and that's what every successful entrepreneur started with; imagination that led to an idea, an idea that led to a "what if", and a "what if" that led to the birth of company or a product.

Obscure ideas are born from creativity. It takes imagination for us to leave the confines of the usual or expected and find "ground breaking" and innovative.

It may start with a box of Crayons and a glue sticks, but creative thinkers become successful people who learned early on the power of bringing their imagination to life, whether in a boardroom or on a canvas. 


5) Creativity is FUN

It's FUN to watch something spring to life that came from the depths of our imagination. It's FUN to get a little messy while we incubate and germinate an idea. Making things is incredibly fulfilling. Not judging them and just letting them exist just because you made it, that's hard.

Once we learn to let go and just create, we open our minds up to new possibility. Practicing creativity sharpens can impact our lives on a powerful level. Get a journal or sketch book. Take a painting or a cooking class. Buy some molding clay at the art store. Don't over think it, just create. 

HSFT was founded on the principle of living a mindset, rooted in this idea of looking for the "fun" in every day. In other words, finding something in your day that allows you to see the beauty of a moment. Have Some Fun Today was born of creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, from the words of our founder's late father. With a flash of creativity and an artistic vision, she turned that legacy into a brand, and a brand into a mindset and lifestyle. 

Find a creativity practice and open up your life to seeing the color and the magic of any given moment on any given day. Have Some Fun Today. 



Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who practices creativity...


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