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Heather Pace

We have been following and loving Heather Pace's instagram feed for quite some time. With over 70K followers she may be onto something and her feel good, do good, look good message jives with our mission.

We asked her about what inspires and energizes her to be her best self and this is what she had to say:

What inspires you to create the life you live?

Being happy is the key to a healthy and full life. I knew moving to California was it for us... Cali has an abundance of beauty and culture, the coast, the mountains... inspiration is everywhere. I wake up inspired to be healthy and remember to slow down and breathe.

What energizes you daily? 

My job is a personal trainer, my clients are a lot of my world. As much as I inspire them, they inspire me... if I don't have workouts to do with them, I hit the ground for a 5 to 8 mile run at least 5 times a week. It is when I feel most free, the sound of my breath and my feet lightly gliding along the pavement or trails... it's my go to for a clear head.

What is your favorite piece of advice/inspiration statement? 

Enjoy every moment, just be...

What helps you Have Some Fun Today - each and every day? 

My job, I love what I do! I always have a blast working out my clients! The fresh air, the beach... I can keep going... ;-) 

Follow Heather on instagram @_thefab3  and get inspired to live the #HSFTlife:)



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